Marking Guides

Created: 24 June 2021, 12:00:09 UTC
Last updated: 8 December 2022, 04:10:22 UTC
Click the name of the marking to be taken to a page with more extensive information regarding that marking
For the codes in your geno, c means carried, n means non-dominant, and the code repeating (For example, BanBan for Banding) means dominant

*   <--- has unique special rules attached to them 
+   <--- Color modifiers,
   <--- is a full marking, but ALSO a marking modifier,
=   means the marking has had a name change, or was combined with another marking. More info below the lists of guides!


Common Markings

Banding (Ban)
Blanket (Bln)
Bleached (Blc)
Collar (Col)
Crescents (Cre)
Dapples (Dpl)
Diamond (Dia)
Dipped (Dip)
Dorsal (Dor)
Fade (Fde)
Flare (Flr)
Fleabitten (Fb)
Flecks (Flek)
Frosted (Fr)
+Gradient (Gra)
Hood (Hd)
Mask (Msk)
Mottled (Mot)
Paint (Pnt)
Panda (Pan)
Pangare (Pgr)
Sable (Sbl)
Saddle (Sdl)
Socks (Sok)
Split (Spi)
=Spots (Spt)
=Stained (Stn)
Striped (Str)
Scale Stripes
~Stone (Stn)
Ticked (Tik)
Underbelly (Un)
Zag (Zag)


Uncommon Markings

Barring (Bar)
Bicolor (Bi)
=Brindle (Bri)
Cutout (Cut)
Dun (Dun)
Eye Marks (Eym)
Flow (Flo)
=Fox (Fox)
=Gazelle (Gaz)
=Guppy (Gup)
Iridescent Scales (Iri)
=Jasper (Jp)
Mane Tips (Mt)
+Marked Scales (Msc)
Nebula (Nba) (Discontinued, see Guppy (Gup) for rules!)
=Patches (Pch)
Python (Ptn)
Roan (Ron)
Robin (Rbn)
Siamese (Sia)
=Smoke (Smk)
=Strata (Stt)
Stroke (Srk)
Sunkissed (Suk)
Tapir (Tpr)
=Teardrop (Tdr)
Thylacine (Thy)
Traced (Trc)
+Vibrant Mane (Vm)
Vitiligo (Vit)


Rare Markings

Abalone (Aba)
Aurora (Au)
Bismuth (Bsm)
Cinder (Cin)
Deadwood (Ddw)
*Embossed (Emb)
+Gilded (Gld)
+Glimmer (Glim)
King Cheetah (Kc)
Koi (Koi) Discontinued, combined into Splash (Spl)) More rules coming soon
=Leopard (Leo)
Ocelli (Oce)
Okapi (Oki)
Pigeon (Pge)
Piebald (Pie)
Quagga (Qua)
*Quilted (Qui)
+Reversal (Rev)
Rings (Rng)
*Satin (Sat)
=Shatter (Sha)
Shimmer (Shim)
Skyline (Sky)
Splash (Spl)
~Swirl (Swr)
=Tabby (Tby)
Toxin (Tox)
+Tricolor (Tri)
Zebra (Zeb)


Specialty Markings

These are markings that are gotten during a holiday or event via sales, raffles, or an event/prompt. They can't appear randomly on random genos, and can only be gotten through breeding after the month of the holiday event has passed. They recur every year. Guides coming soon!


Festive (Fsv)
Ghoulish (Ghl)
Hearts (Hrt)
Painted Egg (Egg)
Pinata (Pny)
Pride Flag (Prf)
Skeleton (Ske)
Snowflake (Snf)
Sugar Skull (Sgs)
Tinsel (Tns)


Legendary Markings

Alebrije (Ala) (Coming Soon)
*Aquatic (Aqa)
Bug (Bug)
Comet (Cmt)
Falsewing (Fls)
+Firefly (Ffl)
*Galactic (Gal)
~Gemstone (Gem)
Lacework (Lcw) 
Runic (Run)
*Serpent (Ser)
+Spectrum (Spe)
+Stained Glass (Stg)
*Tie Dye (Tie)
~Tribal (Trb)
*Tropical (Tro)

Marking Interactions

Many markings can interact with each other when appearing on a geno. A unique function in Drakiri s letting you come up with how they interact! Be prepared to explain to the design approval staff how the markings are interacting. Note that some aspects of the original markings must show for it to count, and it can not too closely resemble another marking in the game.


Markings that have Changed, refer to this if you do not see your geno's marking in the guides.

  • Skunk and Sweep were both combined into Gazelle. If a geno has Skunk or Sweep, it automatically becomes Gazelle. If it had both, please let a member of the staff know and you will either be given a common marking applicator to compensate for the lost marking, or you can choose a common marking to take its place!
  • Bongo has been discontinued and combined with Cross, which has been changed to Fox. Any geno with Bongo or Cross will be changed to Fox, and follow all rules for Fox.
  • Scale Spots is now Stained, and has some new functionalities!
  • Smoke and Overcast were combined
  • Ruffed has been combined into Zag. Zag can now optionally do what Ruffed did before.
  • Streaked  has been combined with the marking Strata.
  • The effect of Eyespots was added to Jasper. 
  • Tiger has been combined with Tabby, allowing Tabby to take on more simple striping effects, due to the line between the two being very fine.
  • Giraffe has been combined into Spots, though some effects have been moved to Patches
  • Contour has been combined with Brindle. Brindle can now either create brindling, or the Contour effect
  • Crackle has been combined into Shatter. Shatter can optionally show the same effects Crackle did.
  • Appaloosa has been combined into Roan, with lots of new effects added. All Roans can have the same effect that Appaloosa had on its own, or use the new ones.
  • Leucism was renamed to Dilute
  • Menalism was renamed to Darken
  • Spectra, the specialty coat you get when all four rare coat modifiers appear on the same geno, was changed to Chroma
    Inked (Ink) has been combined into Embossed
  • Nebula was changed into Guppy and had some effects added (Guppy (Gup))