Created: 24 June 2021, 05:37:23 UTC
Last updated: 24 May 2022, 02:34:35 UTC

Welcome to Drakiri, an ARPG centered around proud and powerful sapient Kirin-like creatures! This ARPG has nine different breeds, each having a Bantam variety, 30 crossbreeds, and two specialty breeds with more updates planned! Sporting close to 100 markings, numerous physical traits, and lots of mutations, there is no question of if a design can appear on a Drakiri, but rather how that design can be possible!

Guides and important links will be added here as they are completed!


Getting Started

Please be aware that this guide is currently a WIP!

The basics for getting started in this ARPG.
It will have all the most important guides to get you started, from how to get your first Drakiri to how to level them  up and breed them.



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Transfer Genos from Deviantart

Comment here to transfer genos from Deviantart to the site and submit a prompt to notify the staff of your comment. The staff will create your geno slots, reply to your comment with your geno slots, and approve your prompt to notify you that your genos have been transferred in. You may transfer 4 genos per comment. You make another comment once your current comment has been processed.

Guides and Information


Claim Forms

These are the various forms you need to use for different types of Claims in this ARPG. Some claim types do not require a form, but some do.


Design Guide

Has guides on the genetics and markings that Drakiri can have



Breeding and Permission Guide

A guide for all things breeding!


Fault Codes and what they do

An explanatnion of the strings of numbers and letters next to the health field in a geno. This will tell you what they are and what they do, and explain how they work.


Adoption Center Guide

How you get your first Drakiri!


Release Genos

You can get rid of unwanted or low value genos here for a small reward, The URL above leads to the release guide as well as the rewar d list and form you fill o ut. Sometimes, there are boosts added for certain traits that are highly saturated in the market

Gratitude Token Guides

(Being Updated Soon)
Find guides for how to get gratitude tokens, and how to calculate how many you get here. To redeem your gratitude tokens, you must submit a prompt with the breakdown of the amount you would get, and the amount listed as your chosen reward.

Design Approval Guide

This guide will tell you how the process of submitting your design to be approved and made into an official import works, step by step. with screenshots.

Mana Points Guide

This guide will tell you how to calculate mana points for art that has been done of your Drakiri.

Level Guide

(Some of these features are WIP, and subject to change)
This guide will tell you what benefits each level has and how much MP it takes to level up.

Master and Apprentice Guide

How to link Drakiri together as Master and Apprentice for special bonuses


Stats Guide

A Comprehensive guide to all things Stats, including caps for each level.


The Rites of Passage

This will explain how to make your Drakiri breedable.

Information update guide

This will tell you how to update your Drakiri's information! This is only needed for information outside of the profile and name, as the Drakiri's name and profile are fully editable by the Drakiri's owner!



Impressing a Wanderer

This will tell you how to impress a Wanderer as well as what items you can use to increase your chances


Ability Guides
(Coming Soon! This will give you a list of abilities your Drakiri can have and what they do)

Fault Guides
(Coming soon! This will give you a list of faults your Drakiri can have and what they do)

For now, have the spread sheet that lists Abilities and Faults, their effects, their rarities, and their geno codes! Faults and Abilities and their Geno Codes


What are Fault Codes? (Guide/explanation coming soon)


Activity Information and Guides


  • Coming Soon

Allies and Companions and the Bonding System

  • Coming Soon. Drakiri can bond with another character and level up that character or creature for different effects. Drakiri can bond with other Drakiri as well, for mutual benefit whenever the two are depicted together.


  • Coming Soon! The clan system is only a concept at this time, but Drakiri can band together for clans, and clans can be leveled up giving Drakiri within the same clan a benefit when depicted together. This will not stack with the Bonded status if a Drakiri is bonded with another Drakiri in the same clan.

Masters and Apprentices

  • WIP, as a Drakiri reaches Level 5, they become a Master and can take on students. As they gain the specialty levels, the amount of students the Drakiri can have at once increases, to a maximum of 3 at Level 8, the highest possible level. When they are depicted together, the Master will boost the amount of MP their student gains and increase their chances of getting a spell scroll. A Master will get a special item pack when their student reaches Level 5.


For now, we have a lot of information stored in various documents and sheets

Drakiri ARPG is an open sandbox! There is no spacific story that you have to follow, no activities you have to grind at endlessly. Instead, there are prompts and quests, to give you inspiration to build your own story. Drakiri is all about creativity, fun, and helping to build and create a rich world that is a combination of the efforts and skills of all of you, the players! 

Drakiri ARPG is centered around customizeability with  basic guidelines to follow for genos, but there are lots of options to make your geno truly unique. There are no two Drakiri that are exactly the same, after all! There are lots of items you can earn to further customize your character.