Releasing Genos

Created: 20 October 2021, 15:00:37 UTC
Last updated: 12 October 2023, 00:28:54 UTC

Releasing Genos


Sometimes, you have that geno that you just don't want anymore. You have no use for it, and it has a low value.  Sometimes, young Drakiri just need to leave the nest and start their own life, out in the world doing their own thing.

You can use a prompt to release an unwanted geno and allow them to go on to live their own life. They will no longer exist as a playable Drakiri or designable geno.

The prompt is titled "Release a Geno" which is under the prompt category "Other". Prompts can be found under the Worlds tab.


  • You may release up to 6 genos per prompt submission
  • Once a geno is released, you can never get it back. It is fully deleted from the game, and only exists as a "NPC" of sorts for records in the breeding comment it was rolled in. The comment can not be used as proof to try to get it back. 
  • This is meant for mostly low value genos, to help stop low valued genos from flooding the market. Higher valued genos will gain a small boost in reward, but not significant. Occasionally, staff will add a bonus for certain markings, mutations, or abilities if those abilities, markings, and mutations are becoming too saturated in the market. This will be announced in the news when it happens!
  • Do not release genos that are in the process of being sold or are on hold for another player. While we can't really double check this, it's incredibly rude to the person who is in the process of trying to work for that geno.



The reward for releasing a character is calculated as 1/2 of the Auric reward you would get for donating them to the adoption center. The guide for those rewards can be found on the Adoption Center Donations Reward Guide as the very first list. Tally the Aurics up as you would for a donation, but then cut them in half to get the value of the released character.

Released characters are not elligible for the Shiny rewards, and the only way to recieve full value for the Auric reward is to donate the character. Please be sure to only release characters you want permanently removed from the game.



Geno Being Released: (Geno URL)
Geno: (Copy the full geno from the description here)

(Repeat this for each geno being released)