Adoption Center Guide

Created: 27 May 2021, 01:33:37 UTC
Last updated: 5 March 2022, 05:15:42 UTC


Seeking your first Drakiri?
Or perhaps your Drakiri needs to start anew?
You've come to the right place!

Adopting a Drakiri is free!



Submit a prompt once you have decided what geno or import you would like to adopt or donate.  Make sure it is in the right prompt, or it will be rejected and you willl have to submit a prompt again.


silver bullet All members may adopt ONCE. Attempting to avoid this restriction via second accounts may face reprimanding.
silver bullet Adopted Drakiri may not be sold until it has been designed, uploaded, and has reached Novice status.
silver bullet Adopted Genos may be returned to the adoption center but you will not be able to adopt a new geno.
silver bullet Should your first choice not be available, you'll be granted your second choice! 

There are two types of Adoption:

Dot Bullet (Sea Green) - F2U! ADOPT A GENO or importDot Bullet (Sea Green) - F2U!

The Adoption Center is stocked with starter breeding genos as well as genos donated by other users. Note that you can adopt 1 geno a month using Adoption Papers if you have them!

Fill out the following form to adopt your first Drakiri!

Geno or Import? (Specify if you are adopting a geno or an import here!)
Choice 1: (For genos, please post the geno's URL. For Imports, post the import's URL and their name)
Choice 2: (For genos, please post the geno's URL.  For Imports, post the import's URL and their name)
Using Adoption Papers? [Yes/No] (Note that adoption papers can only be used on genos, and not on Imports!)

Adopt breeding slots

Find the guides for adopting (And donating) breeding slots here! Breeding Slot Adoption and Donation Guide

If nothing in the adoption center interests a newbie, they can choose to breed two starters together and get the resulting genos, or slots can be donated to the Adoption Center for newbies to use to breed their own Drakiri and get their first genos! 

These work differently than the Adoption Center! If you have fewer than five Drakiri (Even if you already adopted from the Adoption Center),  you may have one free breeding between Starters, between a starter and a donated slot, or two donated slots. 

Adopting and using your adopted breeding slot

Submit the prompt titled "Adopt Breeding Slots" with the slots you want to breed together. If you have adopted your first Drakiri (And they are designed and uploaded), you can choose to adopt a single slot instead, and use your monthly rites-free breeding to breed a starter or a donated slot to your Drakiri.

View donated slots here!

Slot 1
Drakiri: (URL and ID, the URL will be in the sheet as well as the Drakiri's name)
Permission ID: (This will be provided in the sheet linked above, mark this as N/A if you are going for a starter slot instead of a donated slot and specify that you are adopting a starter slot instead of a donated slot)

Slot 2
Drakiri: (URL and ID, the URL will be in the sheet as well as the Drakiri's name. Leave blank if you are breeding the donated slot to your own Drakiri instead of using two slots together)
Permission ID: (This will be provided in the sheet linked at the beginning of this guide, mark this as N/A if you are going for a starter slot instead of a donated slot)


 Breeding slot Rules

-Adopted Slots may not be sold or transferred for any reason. This will be notated in the slot rules when the permissions are transferred to you.
-The permissions will be used just like any other permission, so read the breeding guide to learn about breeding! Breeding Guide Link
-If the adopted slots are not used within six months, it will be returned to the slot donation pool for somebody else to use. If you go inactive for reasons out of your control, and still have under 5 Drakiri you may adopt new slots. 
-You can do whatever you want with the genos you get from the breeding! They are yours to design, sell, or trade... or simply just sit on and own.
-You must own 5 or fewer Drakiri to adopt slots
-Adoption Papers can not be used to adopt slots
-You may adopt slots only once. 


Wish to part with a geno or uploaded Drakiri? You may do so here! Those donating a Drakiri are eligible for a reward based on your Drakiri's traits as well as Level should your Drakiri be an Import.
An admin will confirm your rewards and reply to your comment to confirm your donation!
To surrender a geno, go to the Donate an Import or Geno prompt.

You can choose either Aurics or Gratitude Tokens, put the amount you would earn in the prompt, and it will be automatically granted when the prompt is approved.
Alternatively, you can request the geno be deleted. Your rewards will be halved and Aurics only. This can be done if you have a geno you never plant to use or give away. In this case, your geno will be said to have moved on to follow their own path. If you are deleting the geno instead of donating it, pelase specify or it will default to being donated!


Geno or Import: (Specify if you are donating a geno or an import here)
URL: (The name and URL of the Drakiri being donated
Reward Total: (Please specify if you are receiving Gratitude Tokens or Aurics for your reward)
Reward Breakdown: (Break down the traits so the staff can easily check the amount to see if it is right)

Total Reward: (Leave this out if you are only donating one Geno or Import, otherwise, add the donations together)


Donate a Breeding Slot

Up to 5 slots can be redeemed for rewards per month.

To donate a slot, write out a full breeding permission to the archive account, Drakiri-Archives. From there, you go to the prompt named "Donate a Breeding Slot" and fill out the following information:

Drakiri: (The Drakiri's URL and their name)
Reward: (The amount of Aurics or Gratitude Tokens you get from the reward)
Breakdown: (How did you come to this reward?)

**Please note that the slot being donated must be to a Drakiri that is breedable (Having completed at least 1 Rite of Passage) or the slot will be deleted (Or returned to you if it is a slot you received or purchased) and will not get you a reward.**


Find the rewards guide and more information here! Breeding Slot Donation and Adoption Guide