Slot Donation and Adoption Guide

Created: 17 October 2021, 14:21:27 UTC
Last updated: 30 June 2022, 10:51:39 UTC

If nothing in the adoption center interests a newbie, they can choose to breed two starters together and get the resulting genos, or slots can be donated to the Adoption Center for newbies to use to breed their own Drakiri and get their first genos! 

These work differently than the Adoption Center! If you have fewer than five Drakiri (Even if you already adopted from the Adoption Center),  you may have one free breeding between Starters, between a starter and a donated slot, or two donated slots. 

Adopting and using your adopted breeding slot

Submit the prompt titled "Adopt Breeding Slots" with the slots you want to breed together. If you have adopted your first Drakiri (And they are designed and uploaded), you can choose to adopt a single slot instead, and use your monthly rites-free breeding to breed a starter or a donated slot to your Drakiri.

View donated slots here!

Slot 1
Drakiri: (URL and ID, the URL will be in the sheet as well as the Drakiri's name)
Permission ID: (This will be provided in the sheet linked above, mark this as N/A if you are going for a starter slot instead of a donated slot and specify that you are adopting a starter slot instead of a donated slot)

Slot 2
Drakiri: (URL and ID, the URL will be in the sheet as well as the Drakiri's name. Leave blank if you are breeding the donated slot to your own Drakiri instead of using two slots together)
Permission ID: (This will be provided in the sheet linked at the beginning of this guide, mark this as N/A if you are going for a starter slot instead of a donated slot)




-Adopted Slots may not be sold or transferred for any reason. This will be notated in the slot rules when the permissions are transferred to you.
-The permissions will be used just like any other permission, so read the breeding guide to learn about breeding! Breeding Guide Link
-If the adopted slots are not used within six months, it will be returned to the slot donation pool for somebody else to use. If you go inactive for reasons out of your control, and still have under 5 Drakiri you may adopt new slots. 
-You can do whatever you want with the genos you get from the breeding! They are yours to design, sell, or trade... or simply just sit on and own.
-You must own 5 or fewer Drakiri to adopt slots
-Adoption Papers can not be used to adopt slots
-You may adopt slots only once. 



Donating Slots

Up to 5 slots can be redeemed for rewards per month.

To donate a slot, write out a full breeding permission to the archive account, Drakiri-Archives. From there, you go to the prompt named "Donate a Breeding Slot" and fill out the following information:

Drakiri: (The Drakiri's URL and their name)
Reward: (The amount of Aurics or Gratitude Tokens you get from the reward)
Breakdown: (How did you come to this reward?)

**Please note that the slot being donated must be to a Drakiri that is breedable (Having completed at least 1 Rite of Passage) or the slot will be deleted (Or returned to you if it is a slot you received or purchased) and will not get you a reward.**


Auric Payout

Base reward for donating a Slot: 800 Aurics

Uncommon Breed: +300 Aurics
Rare Breed: +500 Aurics
Crossbreed: +500 Aurics
Mutt: 1000 Aurics

Base Coat
Cream/Fawn: No Additional Rewards
Gold/Chestnut: +300 Aurics
Black/Epistatic White: +500 Aurics

Common Genes: No additional reward
Uncommon Physical Traits, Markings and Abilities: +500 Aurics for every 3 uncommon genes
Rare Physical Traits, Markings and Abilities (This counts for normal mutations): +500 per rare gene
Specialty Markings or Mutations: +600 per specialty gene (Holiday markings/mutations, magic mutations)
Legendary Genes (Markings, Abilities, and Mutations): +800 per legendary gene

Level 0-2: No additional Reward
Level 3: +500 Aurics
Level 4: +1000 Aurics
Level 5: +1500 Aurics
Specialty Levels (6-8): +3000 Aurics


Gratitude Token Payout

Donating a Slot: 2 GT

Common Breed: No Additional Reward
Uncommon Breed: +1 GT
Rare Breed: +2 GT
Crossbreed: +2 GT
Mutt: +3 GT (Note that the reward for the Cosmopolitan ability does not count, this extra accounts for that being there and being a Legendary)

Base Coat
Cream/Fawn: No Additional Reward
Gold/Chestnut: +1 GT
Black/Epistatic White: +2 GT

(Physical Traits, Markings, Abilities and Mutations, though all mutations aside from Legendaries are rare)
Common Genes: No Additional Reward
Uncommon Genes: +1 GT for every 3 Uncommon genes the Drakiri has
Rare Genes: +2 GT for every 3 Rare genes the Drakiri has
Legendary Genes: +1 for every Legendary gene the Drakiri has

Level 0-2: No Additional Reward
Level 3-4: +1 GT
Level 5: +2 GT
Specialty Level (6-8): +3 GT

Note that if this slot is used and the person that used it gets a visible Legendary gene out of the breeding, you can file a "Redeem Gratitude Tokens" prompt for an additional 5 Gratitude Tokens per geno that inherited a visible Legendary gene!  You will receive a notification when the slot is used. This does not apply to Legendary mutations that generated randomly.

If your gifted slot produces a Legendary geno when bred, fill the following form when redeeming the prompt!

You get 3000 Aurics per Legendary gene that inherites and shows OR 6 GT per Legendary gene that inherits and shows 

Drakiri: (URL and name)
Permission ID: (The ID number for the breeding permission, found under permissions on the Drakiri's page)
Breeding: (The comment the staff posted when the breeding was rolled)
Legendary Genes: (Which ones passed, and how many? They must be visible to count)
Total Reward: (3000 Aurics 6 Gratitude Tokens unless there is more than one Legendary gene in the litter)