The Rites of Passage

Created: 30 June 2021, 01:48:27 UTC
Last updated: 2 November 2022, 17:50:48 UTC

The Rites of Passage are required to allow your Drakiri to breed. 

Up to 3 Drakiri can complete their rites together. Collaberations are fully allowed and even encouraged!


Only one Rite is required to make your Drakiri breedable, however, completing all three gives you some nice bonuses!

Reward for completing 1 Rite:

  • Your Drakiri is now breedable

Reward for completing all three Rites:

  • Your Drakiri is breedable
  • A Breeding Voucher is added to your Inventory
  • You receive a Starter slot
  • You may choose 3 abilities to add to your Drakiri, up to 2 of those can be uncommon and up to 1 of those can be rare
  • 100MP in total, UNLESS your MP count for your rites would total more than that. Otherwise, you get a +30MP bonus for completing all three
  • Your Drak is automatically leved up to Level 1 if they are not Level 1 already 



Throughout Galabastarin are several places thought to be Epicenters of Magic. Magical Springs, places were raw magic flows, sacret places. Drakiri leave home and set out on a journey to one of these places, to prove themselves as mature to the Masters, Elders... and the Astrans themselves. You can choose any of the locations below, and more will be added as the world grows with our userbase! The points of interest included are not required, but give you ideas for environment and backgrounds.

Location 1 - The Mountain
A Sacred grove and spring on top of the tallest and most treacherous mountain in Galabastarin, a part of the well known range, the Mountains of Modesh. It will not be an easy trek, for the mountains are treacherous and cold. At the top is an ancient Divine Spring with magical blooms growing in a pocket of warmth and life. Inspired by the mountain at the end of the brilliant game Journey, this may give you some ideas for backgrounds and challenges along the way!
-The path is well worn in places, but the climb is almost vertical in other places.
-There is a great ice cave near the peak of the mountain - navigate to that to find the magical barrier leading to the Sacred Grove.
-aggressive ice storms are very, very common, even in summer, near the summit.

Location 2 - The Great Forest
The Marriss Tanglewoods are enigmatic, and to most, unexplored. The heart of the Forest is where beings known as Titans are said to roam, great Guardians of Nature.  The forest is so massive with trees so large entire villages can live  in their branches, and there are areas that are so dense that almost no sunlight manages to filter through the canopy. The object of the journey is to get to the Life Tree. The Life Tree is a great tree that glows with magic. Beneath its roots is another Sacred Spring, unreachable due to being underground. The tree, however, feeds off of the Spring, and its magic makes its way into the tree's fruit. 
-The Firefly Path, famous for its beauty. Deep within the Tangelwoods is a path completely overshadowed by trees, even during the day. Fireflies proliferate here, and as you walk, there are so many that their light will make the path ahead visible.
-Massive beasts can be seen from time to time, some comparing them to the Whales of the Forest. They are elegant and tall, and indifferent towards your Drakiri.
-Forest Sabers abound here, and actively hunt Drakiri. You must be careful, because you are probably being watched. These cats are large, too, and because of the trees being so dense, even a Dracus is vulnerable.

Location 3 - The Ancient Caves
A labrynth of caves greets your Drakiri, treacherous and ancient. So far underground that warmth rises from the deep, a pocket of light is found. Luminous crystals gives light, magma gives warmth, and exotic and ancient plants are found here. It is a place that is said to be trapped in time. A treacherous journey, fraught with the danger of getting lost and the monsters that dwell in the Deeps, the destination is stunning and something your Drakiri will remember forever. Some say that ancient extinct animals can be found here, trapped in time and kept alive by magic. 
-The Shimmering Pool is known for the luminescent algae that inhabits the water. When disturbed, brilliant blue shimmers and sparkles ripple out in every direction. Glow worms hang above, making this place look like stepping into the Cosmos itself. The path winds carefully over the water. Every whisper and every sound echoes from every direction, including the distant drip-drop of water further along.
-A chamber full of luminous fungi can be found as your Drakiri journeys deeper. Don't eat the mushrooms, though, as most of them are toxic, and others can cause your Drakiri to lose their minds and end up lost in the labrynth.

Location 4 - The Sunken City
Deep under the ocean is something known as a Wellspring. The ruins of an ancient fortress can be found in a strange pocket of air, though nobody knows where this place came from. The writing and mosiacs are ancient, and much of it is falling apart. Lit by powerful and ancient magic, the ruins are vast, and mostly waterlogged. Found in what some feel was an old sacred temple is the Wellspring, full of glowing water... or, something like water. It is full of magic.
-Some say that the place is protected by a great shark spirit, that takes the form of a Megalodon. Nobody knows what it is, but those who see it do usually live to tell the tale. While frightening, it is said to be a force for good. 
-Great inspiration to follow for this location is the game Abzu. Much of this was inspired by that incredible game!
-Kelp Forests full of luminous fish can be found along the way
-Beware of massive predatory fish!

Location 5 - The Oasis
Galabastarin is lush and green, for the most part... but it does have a great and treacherous desert, with miles of shifting sand, outcroppings of rocks, and stunning canyons. As beautiful as it is dangerous, the desert creates many challenges that a Drakiri must surmount to reach their destination, a magical oasis and a ruined temple tucked away in great walls of layered stone. There is only one entry, a narrow path that leads into a tunnel that lets out in the Oasis. The Oasis is beautiful, full of life, and in the heart of it is a spring that shimmers with magic. A good bit of inspiration for this location is the game Journey!
-Many ruins are found along the way, some theorize that the desert wasn't always a desert. Most of these ruins are buried in sand, but those that can be found are stunning and a must-see stop along the way!
-Sunsets are stunning here, and traveling at night is the best way to go. Find shelter during the day, because the heat is intense!
-Your Drakiri may want to bring a map, so they can find various smaller Oases along the way.
-Any desert found on Earth can be inspiration for this - deserts have some of the most stunning landscape you can find!
-Look up photos of the stunning Bisti Badlands in New Mexico for some really neat inspiration for locations! It legit looks like an alien planet.

Location 6 - The Bog
The Bog, as it is simply called, is not any normal swamp. Strange magic is always afoot here, with eerie Saint Elmo's Fire found everywhere. The ground is sodden and wet, and there are pitfalls everywhere where you could. Spanish Moss hangs from every branch, and the ground can just.. give away where you thought it was solid. 
The Bog is always dark, always dim, and always seems to have a sickly green fog about it. Even worse are the dangerous monsters that live here. 
-The Bog is usually in sickly green colors
-St Elmo's Fire and Will o the Wisps are seen everywhere
-Be careful when using fire, methane bubbles might suddenly ignite and explode!

Location 7 - Fungal Forest
Found in Modasheu, there is a massive forest made if fungi of all shapes and sizes. This strange place looks like it comes from an alien world. The only light is from luminescent Fungi, and spores that float on currents of air. The strangest thing is a lifeform that acts a lot like air-plankton. It comes in all manners of colors, though blues and greens are most common. These tiny things are actually invisible to the naked eye, but put off light when disturbed. This can cause your Drakiri to leave shimmering, beautiful magical looking trails behind them wherever they move. 
-Strange creatures live here, as well as aggressive Nightmares who are not yet aware of the rejoining of Modasheu and the Six Kingdoms.
-Even with the Luminous fungi, some as large as trees, the lighting is very confusing here, and it's hard to navigate. 
-Some of the spores must be avoided, as they have very strange effects when breathed in by a Drakiri
-Watch out for the predators that prowl the Fungi, including the enigmatic and deadly Rifter. These monsters create Rifts, drag you through them to another bleak and deadly dimension, and devour your life energy. Some say that you, too, become a Rifter when devoured by one of these things.
-There is a brightly glowing blue fungus that resembles a giant puffball. This is edible, but if it isn't cooked it will leave you VERY disoriented and gives you an effect very similar to being drunk. The flesh of this mushroom will continue to glow for several hours when torn away, and can be used as a light source.

More to Come!

Must be 1500 words or more of written.
Up to three Drakiri can be shown per rite.
If drawn,  the image must be shaded with a moderate background.


Your Drakiri will be tested greatly in their journey to adulthood. They must show their strength. This can be mental, emotional, or physical strength, or strength in character. What challenges your Drakiri's strength? How do they surmount this challenge, and rise above what seeks to take them down?

Additionally, the Rite of Strength can also be a challenge your Drakiri faces during their Rite of Endurance, if you want to tie it all together. This can be an obstacle, a monster, something they must fight, or some sort of challenge they must rise above.

Must be 1500 words ore more of written. 
Up to three Drakiri can be shown per rite.
If drawn,  the image must be shaded with a moderate background.


To prove that they are ready to pass on their genes, a Drakiri must show that they are mature enough to handle the pressures of adulthood. How your Drakiri proves themself is up to you, and the individual Drakiri. The Final Rite, once completed (The other two must be completed as well), will allow your Drakiri to breed.

Additionally, you may also depict your Drakiri leaving home to set out on the Rite of Endurance, or preparing for or planning their journey!

Must be 1500 words or more of written. 
Up to three Drakiri can be shown per rite.
If drawn,  the image must be shaded with a moderate background.