Wanderer Guides

Created: 27 September 2021, 00:20:07 UTC
Last updated: 27 September 2021, 00:32:07 UTC


  1. You may try as many times as you like for any number of wanderer’s but after successfully ‘taming’ one, you have to wait out a cool down period before you can try again.
  2. Batches will be random, and based on Design Contests, and Mod opinion. ( Maybe People can donate Drakiri Imports to be Wanderers? )
  3. Anybody can try for a Wanderer, whether you have a Drakiri or not!
  4. If you are caught harassing someone who successfully tamed a wanderer you wanted, you will be barred from Wanderers entirely. Repeated harassment will incite harsher punishments at the admins discretion. 
  5. Wanderers will be account bound until at least one level higher than the level they were received at, unless in the event you are leaving the group entirely, in which they will return to Wanderer Status.
  6. Any and all art of a Wanderer can be used in it’s MP Total.
  7.  Submit your image to the "Wanderer" prompt to get your attempt rolled.


How to Get one

Draw or write about the Wanderer in question visibly interacting with one of your Drakiri or a Starter Drakiri. You can find all current wanderers in the Wanderer category

A minimum of two drakiri ( Wanderers, and one other Drakiri ) must be depicted, but a maximum of four ( Wanderer, and three additional Drakiri.

Both Drakiri in the image must be at least 75% visible, and at least a simple background must be included. This means there should be at least a few background elements. Anything more will count as a boost.

Literature entries for a Wanderer must be at least 800 words, with both Drakiri taking major roles.

Wanderers will remain in the Wanderer folder until they’ve found a new home.

When submitting a piece for taming a Wanderer, please include the word count or any bonuses that may apply.



  • A basic roll with the bare minimum will get you a 8% chance to succeed in taming the wanderer. This is a flat colored image with a simple background.
  • Every extra Drakiri depicted will grant  an extra 5% chance of success
  • Shading grants an extra 5% chance of success per extra Drakiri depicted
  • A Complex Background grants an extra 8% chance of success
  • Correctly portraying the Wanderers personality will grant an extra 8% chance of success
  • For literature, every 200 words you type past the minimum 800 grants an extra 5%, capping out at 50%.
  • If you would be a First Time owner and do not have a Drakiri to your name yet, you get granted another 20% chance, even if it goes over the 50% cap.
  • Items from the Auric shop can also add boosts. Small Gift (3% boost, can add up to two in a taming attempt), Nice Gift (8%, can add only one, does not stack with small gift), Expensive Gift (%15, can add only 1, does not stack with small gift)
  • Boosts will cap out at 50% UNLESS you have three or fewer Drakiri! Items can get past this cap as well.



In the event that you fail to succeed in taming a Wanderer, you’re not going to leave empty handed.

Regardless of succeeding or failing, any Drakiri depicted with gain a boosted 5 Mp from the efforts.

If you fail, then you have a chance at these rewards:

  • Adoption papers, allowing you to adopt a geno from the Adoption Center ( 25%)
  • A Geno bred from two random Starters ( 25% )
  • A Wildcard Geno ( 25% )
  • A consolation pack, containing any random number of the following* ( 25% ) :
    • Base coat changer, common to uncommon ( 10% )
    • Common to uncommon marking applicator ( 10% )
    • Normal/Corrupt/Holy Mutagen ( 10% ) 
    • A Random Auric amount , 1,000 - 5,000 ( 50% )
    • Trait Upgrades ( 20% )
    • Mana Stones - 3 MP - 15 MP ( 50% )


*You will always get at least one prize from a consolation pack, at most 4