Splash (Uncommon)

Category: Markings
Species: Drakiri


Splash by Drakiri-Archives
Splash - Merle by Drakiri-Archives

Koi by Drakiri-Archives


Marking Codes: /cSpl/nSpl/SplSpl

  • A tritoned marking that splatters all over the Drakiri in irregular patchlike markings. Splash can resemble the markings on an African Wild Dog/Painted Dog. It can also create fur textured merle like patches. Splash can have up to 5 different colors, one of which can be red.

  • It can alternatlvely create a black, red and white patchy marking resembling the markings on a koi fish. Koi can actually show as a red spot on the head on an albino Drakiri, like a Tancho Koi. If Piebald or Roan covers the face, this effect can be used with Piebald or Roan as well. This effect can display on Epistatic White Drakiri as well. Koi can optionally restrict to the scales. It, however, can not be present on the scales and body at the same time unless Marked Scales is present. This will allow Koi on the body to extend onto the scales.

  • These effects can be combined in any way you see fit! Have fun!
  • Splash can either have two colors, or three and appears anywhere on the Drakiri's coat.

  • At least 2 splash spots must be visible on the Drakiri. They can be anywhere on the Drakiri's coat.

  • Splash can be all over the Drakiri's coat, but some of the base coat must show. Splash does not effect the scales or mane.

  • Splash can restrict to the scales if using the Koi effect

  • Splash can effect the mane and tail fur where it touches
  • Splash must be hard edged, but is allowed to have a fur texture
  • Splash can be any natural color. If two shades are being used, both can either be darker than the base coat, or one darker and one lighter.
  • The red part of the marking, if using the Koi effect, can have a gradient between two shades of red
  • If all three colors are being used, Splash must present in two shades that are darker than the base coat and one shade that is lighter.
  • All colors must be one color all the way through, though one of the Splash colors may be black and the other white. 
  • If effected by a coat color modifier, the Koi effect's red part's color can change.
    • Sapphire: Purple, Pink
    • Jade: Yellow, Red
    • Topaz: Red, Orange
    • Erythrism: Purple, Pink
    • Emerald: Yellow, Orange
    • Ruby: Purple, Pink
    • Magenta: Purple, Blue
    • Lilac: Blue, Pink
    • Turquoise: Blue, Purple
    • Aquamarine: Purple, Green
    • Copper: Red, Orange, Green, Yellow
    • Sunglow: Sunset Colors
    • Floral: Floral Colors
    • Ocean: Green, Aqua, Blue
    • Chroma: No Holds Barred, Rainbow Madness!
    • Silver: Normal reds, fully saturated on the Silver coat, though can appear in pinks, or desaturated, earthy reds
    • Dilute: Optionally lightens the reds to pinks
    • Darken: Optionally darkens the reds to deep blood red
  • Splash can layer over or under all other markings aside from Stone, Piebald, Appaloosa, Vitiligo and Roan

  • Splash can effect the wings from Phoenix.

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