Character Titles

Thot Squad (Thot Squad) (---)

This Drakiri has been bred a lot, and is quite firmly in the group known as the Thot Squad

Puffling (Puffling) (---)

A Child of Creampuff who is owned by Werewoofwoof that often have a food themed name!


Drakiri of the Month (Drakiri of the Month) (Specialty)

Karen (Karen) (---)

This Drakiri would like to speak with your manager!

Part of the Karen Project!

The point of the Karen Project is to have a Drakiri named Karen whose entire lineage is made up of Drakiri named Karen!

Only Drakiri named Karen are eligible for this title.

Honorary Puffling (Honorary Puffling) (---)

Creampuff has adopted this Drakiri. They are now a part of the Puffling army.  Are they actually related to Creampuff? Genetics be damned, a Puffling is a Puffling!

PURE Bloodline (PURE Bloodline)

a family of mystics obsessed with keeping the bloodline pure

Sandling (Sandling)

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