Displays as: 0 Arcanium
Held by: Users

A cash equivilent, Arcanium can be used for USD exclusive sales. Arcanium can be bought, sold, and transferred.


Displays as: 0 Aurics
Held by: Users

Drakiri's main currency, earned through art and activities. 

Background Tokens

Displays as: 0 Background Tokens
Held by: Users

A token found when exploring, allowing the purchase of a background. Some are free, some cost more than others.


Bingo Chip

Displays as: 0 Bingo Chip
Held by: Users

Easter Egg

Displays as: 0 Easter Egg
Held by: Users

A specialy currency for April 2022 to get the Easter marking Painted Egg.

Good throughout the month of April.

Faction Standing (Standing)

Displays as: 0 Standing
Held by: Characters

Standing in a given faction.

Halloween Candy

Displays as: 0 Halloween Candy
Held by: Users

Trick or Treat!  Use this to get special Halloween genes!

Mana Points (MP)

Displays as: 0 MP
Held by: Characters

Art Points for Drakiri. Used to level up.

Pride Points

Displays as: 0 Pride Points
Held by: Users

A special currency gotten from the Show your Pride event, used in the Pride Shop

Shiny (Shinies)

Displays as: 0 Shinies
Held by: Users

A special currency gotten for being an awesome person

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