Satin (Rare)

Category: Markings
Species: Drakiri
Satin and Scales Shading and Highlights Color Guid by Drakiri-Archives
Suggested Shading/Lighting colors for consistency (The colors used on the preshading on the Imports)
Marking Codes: /cSat/nSat/SatSat

  • Satin is an overlay marking, adding a glossy sheen like the beautiful and exotic Akhal-Teke horse. It can also make the Drakiri appear metallic. While a shading layer is added into the import template, this does not have to be used. You are fully allowed to redo the Satin shading yourself! The layer is just there for your convenience.
  • Satin is a shiny marking that can minimally cover the body of the Drakiri, IE, the parts of the Drakiri that are covered by the provided Satin layers. It can be extended onto the other traits, and is suggested, but isn't required. Alternatively, it can be restricted to just the mane and the fur on the tail, making for very shiny hair, but the rest of the body untouched.
  • You MAY change the color of the shading and highlights to match your drakiri's colors better! The provided colors are a suggestion. You may also redo the shading yourself, and simplify it to simply shine effects.
  • Satin shades the entire Drakiri and makes them gleam like an Akhal-Teke horse.

  • Satin must layer over all markings, but must not obscure them. It acts like shading. If markings become harder to see under Satin, be prepared to show the unshaded file to the design admin. Uploading the unshaded file to the Alternate Drakiri Images gallery is suggested for ease of color selection, and providing a link in the profile is as well.

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