Patches (Common)

Category: Markings
Species: Drakiri



Patches by Drakiri-Archives


Marking Codes: /cPch/nPch/PchPch

  • Patches creates dark or light patches on the coat of the Drakiri. They can appear anywhere on the Drakiri's coat, but at least three patches must be visible. Edges can be solid or textured, but can not be blended. Patches must be irregular patchy shapes so they do not resemble spots or other similar markings.
  • Patches can have stylized "cloudy" shaped edges. It can interact with Smoke to create clouds, and with Reversal to create white clouds. Swirl can make these cloudy patches swirl like smoke with some semi transparency, and Frosted and Shimmer can add even more interesting effects!
  • Alternatively, patches can resemble the shape of the patchy markings on Giraffe. It can also effect markings, by making the edges "break off" into Giraffe like patches.

  • Patches is a coat specific marking that does not effect the mane or scales.

Min Range
  • At least three patches must show on the Drakiri's body. It can also form a single "Saddle" marking if desired.

Max Range
  • Patches can appear anywhere, and all over the Drakiri's body.

Other Range Info
  • Patches can not effect the mane or tail fur
  • Patches does not effect the scales

  • Patches can be any natural color lighter or darker than the base coat.
  • Patches can not be pure white. They must be off white.
  • Patches may have subtle fur texture.
  • Patches are required to have hard edges. They do not contain gradients and must be one consistent color throughout the marking.
  • Patches can layer over or under any other marking but must lay beneath Piebald and Stone

  • Patches can affect the following mutations
    • Pheonix - Entire Wing
    • Biolume - Stalks only
    • Extended Scales - Only when Marked Scales is present

  • Patches has the rare ability to restrict striped markings similar to what can be seen on tortoiseshell and calico cats.
    • Brindle, Tabby and Zebra are a few marks effected

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