Tabby (Rare)

Category: Markings
Species: Drakiri


Tabby by Drakiri-Archives

Tiger by Drakiri-Archives


  • Marking Codes: /cTby/nTby/TbyTby

  • Tabby Creates a swirling marbled tabby like marking seen on several marbled tabby felines. 
  • Tabby can be simplified and follow the stripes found on a tiger. The tiger-effect can have forks and sways and can be combined in any way you see fit with the normal Tabby effect.
  • If in doubt, use real tabby cats for inspiration.
  • This marking can not do a ticked or spotty tabby effect unless interacting with another marking

  • Tabby can cover the entire Drakiri's body

Min Range
  • Tabby must show on at least the hindquarters, midsection, legs or shoulder of the Drakiri.

Max Range
  • Tabby can cover the entire Drakiri in marbled tabby like stripes.

Other Range Info
  • Tabby does not effect the scales
  • Tabby can not effect the mane or tail

  • Tabby can be any color darker than the base coat of the Drakiri unless Reversal is present.
  • Tabby may appear brown on black Drakiri.
  • Tabby may blend into the basecoat around the limbs and belly area.
  • Tabby may contain a gradient of two different shades of one color.
  • Tabby must be hard edged, but may have some fur texture to it.
  • Tabby must layer above Blanket, Socks, Dipped, hood, or other similar markings that sit on the base coat.
  • Tabby must sit below Frosted, Fleabitten, Pigeon, Appaloosa, Piebald and Roan.

  • Tabby can appear on the wings from Phoenix.
Marking interaction examples
  • Tabby can interact with King Cheetah to create broken spotty swirling stripes all over the Drakiri's body.
  • Tabby can interact with spots to create dense spots all over the Drakiri, like a Bengal cat.
  • Tabby can interact with Leopard to create a two-toned marble tabby or create small spots of a lighter color in some thicker parts of Tabby.
  • Tabby can restrict to Patches, creating striped patches on the body of the Drakiri.

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