Banding (Common)

Category: Markings
Species: Drakiri

Banding Example 3 by Drakiri-ArchivesBanding by Drakiri-Archives


Marking Code: /cBan/nBan/BanBan

  • Banding is a full body marking that creates a banded appearance across the body, similar to species such as the clownfish or regal angelfish. The guides for that sort of banding are only needed if you are using the clownfish banding and not the other variations. Banding is either dark, or light with dark rims. 
  • Alternately, it can resemble the banded marking of a Bongo gazelle around the midsection. When the Bongo version interacts with stripes, it can turn them light without the need for Reversal.
  • It can also create small bands on the limbs, or banding like the marks found on falcons on the Drakiri's sides or wings if they have Phoenix. Banding can appear anywhere on the Drakiri's body and ranges from small thin bands on the limbs, to even a single thick band around the midsection.


  • Banding has no range and can present anywhere on the Drakiri, but must be present in a noticeable way on the import. Minimally, it can appear on the legs or a couple bands around the midsection. The thickness of the band may taper, and the band shape itself may waver.
  • Banding must wrap around wherever it appears on the Drakiri.
  • Banding must always be vertical on the Drakiri unless on the legs, then it is horizontal
  • As an alternate effect, Banding may form vertical pinstriping along the Drakiri's body



  • Banding has a Min range of the midsection, face, neck, or legs. Banding does not have to affect the mane, but it can extend onto the mane where it touches.



  • Full Body coverage, excluding the scales. It can effect the scales where it touches if Marked Scales is present.



  • The outer borders of banding are optional, but if they are shown they must be along the outsides of the bands, and must be significantly thinner than the main light band. They may optionally be on every band on the Drakiri, or only some or even just one of the bands, so long as they're not confused for another marking.


  • Banding can affect the Mane and Tail Fur where it touches
  • Banding cannot affect the scales unless marked is present in the geno
  • Banding is not required to appear on the legs
  • Banding is allowed to affect the following mutations
  • Banding may effect Pheonix. It can create barring similar to the markings found on the wings of a hawk. If creating the barring effect on the wings, it doesn't have to be present on the body.
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