Roan (Uncommon)

Category: Markings
Species: Drakiri


Roan 1 by Drakiri-ArchivesRoan 2 by Drakiri-Archives

Appaloosa by Drakiri-Archives

Roan new effect 1 by Drakiri-Archives

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Roan new effect 3 by Drakiri-ArchivesOVERVIEW

Marking Codes: /cRon/nRon/RonRon

  • A soft white gradient over the top half of the Drakiri. It can have small holes showing the colors beneath. It may have a subtle film grain like texture to it, but must be one consistant color throughout. Gradient can give it a little variance, but it must remain in shades of white or off white unless effected by Reversal, which turns it black. As a variant, it can also resemble the markings of an Appaloosa horse. Roan can appear in up to three transparency levels, and can fade into the base coat. This is a fullbody marking and can appear anywhere on the Drakiri, even effecting the mane where it touches. Roan can not effect the scales unless Marked Scales is present. You can look at roan and appaloosa horses for inspiration for this marking!

  • Roan effects the top half of the Drakiri.

  • Roan can show as just a little subtle lightening around the rump of the Drakiri, or a dusting of white with optional holes cut into it.

  • Roan can cover the entire Drakiri, leaving just little spots cut out to show the color beneath, often having parts around the muzzle as well.

  • Roan can not affect the scales, horns, flesh or eyes.

  • Roan must always be a shade of white, or off white, or ever so slightly pigmented towards the base coat color. Unless effected by Reversal or Glimmer.
  • Roan must have a soft edge
  • Roan is not required to effect the mane. If roan effects the mane, the holes can extend onto the main where they touch and normally colored hairs can show through
  • Roan may have small holes known as liver spots. These spots will show the markings below.
  • The holes in roan must be solid edged, or soft edged but can have a fur texture.
  • Roan layers over all markings aside from Stone and Piebald. Roan can interact with Piebald, softening it and creating holes, or having some parts fading into roan.  Spots, however, can layer over Roan, and Dapples and Frosted can interact to create snowflaking effects.



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