I-2816: Sunstruck

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Drakiri of the Month (Specialty) (May 2023 Drakiri of the Month)
Combat Stats:
Strength (---) (7)
Defense (---) (7)
Magic (---) (7)
Spirit (---) (7)
Accuracy (---) (7)
Evasion (---) (7)
Magic Path:
Celestial (---) (Tier 1; 16 Skill Points)
Sex: Male (---) (He/Him)
Healthy (---) (8Dw/1dD/3tb/1WF/9uz/3Km)
Phenotype: (---) (Sunglow Cream with Blanket, Collar, Crescents, Dapples, Dorsal, Fade, Fleabitten, Flecks, Frosted, Hood, Mask, Panda, Pangare, Sable, Socks, Split, Striped, Ticked, Underbelly, Zag, Barring, Eyemarks, Smoke, Splash, Iridescent Scales, Ocelli and Okapi)
Genotype: (---) (cC/gg/bB/nEry/nSph/cSlv/nTop/nBln/nCol/nCre/nDpl/nDor/nFde/nFb/nFlek/nFr/nHd/nMsk/nPan/nPgr/nSbl/nSok/nSpi/nStr/nTik/nUn/nZag/nBar/nEym/nFox/nIri/nSmk/nSpl/nOce/nOki/mExt/mRds/mBrn/mAge/mSm/mStr/mMol/LPhn/aFart/aGrn/aOcn/aStw/aAno/aFer/aFli/aGho/aHih/aSrn)
Carries: (---) (Silver)
Physical Traits:
Mane: Mohawk (Uncommon) (Affected by Starstruck)
Tail: Unicorn (Rare) (Affected by Starstruck)
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Frames Unlocked
[Default] Transparent
[Flying Frames] Dusk Flight
6 October 2022, 22:20:46 UTC

Can be gifted
Can be traded
Can be sold
Sale Value

1.) Kelpie Male, Healthy (8Dw/1dD/3tb/1WF/9uz/3Km)
Magic Skills: 16 Purity
Phenotype: Ruby Cream with Collar, Crescents, Dapples, Fade, Fleabitten, Flecks, Mask, Panda, Pangare, Sable, Socks, Split, Striped, Ticked, Underbelly, Zag, Eyemarks, Smoke, Splash, Ocelli and Okapi
Genotype: cC/gg/bB/nEry/cSph/cSlv/nTop/cBln/nCol/nCre/nDpl/cDor/nFde/nFb/nFlek/cFr/cHd/nMsk/nPan/nPgr/nSbl/nSok/nSpi/nStr/nTik/nUn/nZag/cBar/nEym/cFox/cIri/nSmk/nSpl/nOce/nOki/mExt/mMel/mRds/mcBrn/mEys/mAge/mStr/mMol/LPhn/aFart/acGrn/aOcn/aStw/aAno/aFer/aFli/aGho/aHih/aSrn
Carries: Sapphire, Silver, Blanket, Dorsal, Frosted, Hood, Barring, Fox, Iridescent Scales, Burning Eyes, Green Thumb
Mane Type: Rebel
Ears Type: Sleek
Tail Type: Equine
Horns Type: Branched
[Mutations] Extended Scales, Melanism, Reduced Scales, Extra Eyes, Angellic, Starstruck, Molten, Phoenix
[Abilities] Farts, Oceanborn, Strong Willed, Anomalous, Fertile, Flight, Ghostly, High Roller, Siren Song