Angellic (Magic)

Category: Mutations
Species: Drakiri

Angellic can have some similar effects to Halo, but where Halo is just a single halo, Angellic can add many more effects.

This mutation can add halo like rings around the Drakiri's body, or floating eyes all around, these eyes can have wings or rings around them. These halos can have wings and eyes on them and they can look clearly metallic and can glow. They can have various etchings on them.

Angellic is a very versatile mutation. It can gain many effects based on biblically accurate angels.

When interacting with Phoenix, it can add extra wings where they would not be otherwise, such as wings around the head, wings around the tail, wings on the feet, and similar.

It can optionally produce unique lighting effects. Light can beam from the eyes and mouth, and holy flame can appear around the hooves and horn/s.

It can also cause beams of light to shine from the mouth and/or the eyes, or shimmering rings of glowing light floating around any part of the body. The horn may also be changed to resemble a flaming sword. 

Be creative with this one!



Halo (Discontinued, Merged into Angellic) (Magic)

Category: Mutations
Species: Drakiri

hining hardlight halo over the head pr a glow around the head resembling a halo. This can also be stylized to resemble halos in medieval art. This can also create a lens flare effect behind the Drakiri or around the head.


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