Magic (---)

Category: Combat Stats

Magic Farts (Uncommon)

Category: Abilities
Species: Drakiri

Your Drakiri farts a lot, with a twist. They have a 5% chance of unleashing a fart that imparts a potion or magic spell effect for a single turn, without needing to cast a spell or use an item.

acMfr - Carried
aMfr - Non-dom
Mfr/Mfr - Dom

Magically Inclined (Uncommon)

Category: Abilities
Species: Drakiri

Uses ½ the normal amount of Aspect points when casting spells.

acMag - Carried
aMag - Non-dom
Mag/Mag - Dom

Magical Reflux (Rare)

Category: Abilities
Species: Drakiri

20% chance to reflect a spell directed at the Drakiri each round.

acMar - Carried
aMar - Non-dom
Mar/Mar - Dom

Rainbow Sparkle Magic (Legendary)

Category: Abilities

 +10% chance to pass or generate color mods,

3% chance to generate a Chroma.

Stacks with boost from Rainbow Potion, does not stack with Colorful, if both appear in the geno, it defaults to Rainbow Sparkle Magic

acRsm - Carried
aRsm - Non-dom
Rsm/Rsm - Dom


Magic Mirror (Item)

Category: Other
Species: Drakiri
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