Kelpie (Drakiri Subtype)

Kelpies are a unique build, found in both fresh water and salt water. They can come and go from water at will, and can dry out and dehydrate if they are out of water too long. They are slower on land than other Drakiri, but their gills allow them to breathe under water.

Kelpies mostly eat fish. Their fur is sleek and straight, similar to a seal or sea lion. Kelpies live in large herds in the ocean, or much smaller groups of 5-10 individuals in lakes and bodies of fresh water depending on the size. 

While they look aggressive, Kelpies are actually fairly personable. They rarely attack without reason. They are admired for their beautiful voices, possibly the source for legends of Sirens and similar.

Their human forms often appear more mermaid like, though they can fluidly switch from fishlike tail and legs depending on if they want to be under water or on land.

There are no special rules for the manes; they act exactly like normal manes despite being fin like for many of them.

The curled tail does not have any special rules, like the curled tail of the Nightmare.

Q'lin-Kelpie (Drakiri Subtype)

Kainu-Kelpie (Drakiri Subtype)

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