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For this sale only, the Holiday Exclusive markings and mutations  are available in this sale! You can have your choice added on to a random geno, or added on with the purchase of a semucistom with no extra charge, and they are half-off as individual mutagens and marking applicators!

Holiday Exclusive Markings (Guides coming soon!)
Snowflake (Snf)
This marking creates snowflakes or frost all over the Drakiri, and can be stylized. White or blue, but can be glimmered to be other colors. A dusting/frosted effect can also be added to your Drakiri with a faint shimmer effect where it is, as if the Drakiri is freezing over or frost is appearing on their coat.
Gilded (Gld)
Markings turn gold and shiny without the need of Glimmer and Gradient. Additionally, this can trace markings with the same shiny gold without requiring the marking Traced
Tinsel (Tns)
Acts similar to stroke, allowing streaks of shiny gold or silver to appear in the mane, without needing glimmer or gradient. Tinsel can’t be affected by Glimmer, and must appear in gold, silver and shiny, or red, green or white with a shimmer effect restricted to it. This can be in gold or silver, a lighter color than the part below, or white.
Festive (Fsv)
Makes a marking green or red (Or red and green for two-toned markings), and can have various holiday themed patterns in white on the affected markings as well as make the edges lacey and festive looking, resembling gift wrap. It can also be shiny or shimmery/sparkly. It can also create shiny ribbon inspired markings on the Drakiri in red, green, or red and green, with white festive themed edging or even patterns.

Holiday Exclusive Mutations:
Reindeer (Rnd)
Rudolph (Rud)
Fireburst (Fbs)

Special for this sale, is the Gift One Get One deal!  If you purchase something for somebody as a gift, you get an item of the same value for free! (For example, buy somebody a legendary mutagen custom, you get one as well!)

This also goes for character transfer tokens! You purchase one for somebody else, and you can get one of the same value or lower for yourself for completely free!

The gift one get one special excludes the full lineageless custom.

Some new items have been added, so check them out!

Randomly Rolled Genos


Tier Addons
Random Geno +: +$10 to the total price
Premium: +$20 to the total price
Platinum: +$30 to the total price

Common (3 common genes, 1 uncommon gene, standard traits, 3% chance of a normal mutation) 
Rare build: $20 
Uncommon build: $15
Common build: $10

Choice of Build
Common: +$3
Uncommon: +$5
Rare: +$8
Random Build: $15
Crossbreed: $20 (Random only)

Uncommon (2 common genes, 2 uncommon genes, uncommon traits, 3% chance of a normal mutation) 
Rare build: $25
Uncommon build: $20
Common build: $15

Choice of Build
Common: +$3
Uncommon: +$5
Rare: +$8
Random Build: $20
Crossbreed: $25 (Random only)

Rare (2 common genes, 2 uncommon genes, 1 rare gene, rare traits, 3% chance of a normal mutation) 
Rare build: $35
Uncommon build: $30
Common build: $30

Choice of Build
Common: +$3
Uncommon: +$5
Rare: +$8
Random Build: $30
Crossbreed: $35 (Random only)

Legendary (Wildcard with a guaranteed Legendary marking or Mutation)
Rare build: $55
Uncommon build: $50
Common build: $40

Choice of Build
Common: +$3
Uncommon: +$5
Rare: +$8
Random Build: $45
Crossbreed: $50 (Random only)

Wildcard  - $20
Wildcard (Choose Build Rarity)
Common - +$0 (No extra charge to have it choose from the common breeds)
Uncommon +$5
Rare +$10
Crossbreeds +$10 


Limit of 3 per User.

Base Price: $25

Included: Kainu, Mystic or Sprite with 3 Common Markings and 1 Uncommon marking on a Common Basecoat with Common Traits. 

+$5 Bantam
+$50 Rare Build
+$30 Uncommon Build

-Crossbreeds will take the two build rarities, half the price, round up, then combine the prices together

+$10 Gold or Chestnut Basecoat
+$15 Black Basecoat
+$50 Epistatic White Basecoat

+5$ per common marking, limit of 5
+10$ per uncommon marking, limit of 4
+15$ per rare marking, limit of 3
+15$ per rare base coat modifier (Erythrism, Topaz, Jade, Sapphire) limit of 3
+10$ per Uncommon Base Coat Modifier (Darken, Dilute)
+$5 per Common Base Coat Modifier (Silver)
+$30 for a Legendary Marking, Limit of 1

+10 apiece, uncommon traits
+$30, Uncommon Trait Bundle (All traits uncommon, buy three get one free)

+$15 apiece, rare traits
+$50, Rare Trait Bundle (All traits rare)

+10$ Normal, Magic or Corruption Mutation (Note if getting Chimerism your markings must number the same as they would otherwise, you just have to distribute them across both genos)
+30 Legendary Mutations (Limit of 1)
Faults are Free

$5 per Common Ability, Limit of 3
$10 per Uncommon ability, Limit of 3
$15 per Rare Ability, Limit of 2
$30 per Legendary Ability, Limit of 1

Starter Slots

$20 - 1 Geno from 2 starters of your choice
$25 - Full Starter Slot to starter of your choice
$30 - Starter Slot Bundle including two starters of your choice



Tokens and Items

Glamour ($8) (Allows you to completely customize the traits or physical mutations of a Drakiri, as long as they do not resemble current traits. The traits will function normally in breedings and will not change in the Drakiri's import information. This is purely cosmetic, but can be used to great effect, allowing you to modify all the linework on your Drakiri that is not their body or scales. Glamour can not mimic physical mutations, but it can change the appearance of existing ones)

Common Marking Applicator (Randomly Rolled) $3
Uncommon Marking Applicator (Randomly Rolled) $10
Rare Marking Applicator (Randomly Rolled) $15
Random Marking Applicator: $10 (Chooses from a pool of any marking rarity)

Common Marking Applicator (Custom) $5
Uncommon Marking Applicator (Custom) $10
Rare Marking Applicator (Custom) $20
Legendary Marking Applicator: $50 (3 available, You choose which one, 1 per person)

Uncommon Physical Trait $10 (Allows you to pick an uncommon physical trait of your choice on your geno)
Rare Physical Trait $15 (Allows you to pick a rare physical trait of your choice on your geno)
Uncommon Physical Trait Bundle $35 (Allows you to pick 4 uncommon physical traits of your choice on your geno)
Rare Physical Trait Bundle $45 (Allows you to pick 4  physical traits of your choice on your geno ragardless of rarity)

Roller Breaker: $25 (Limit of 2 per person, allows the addition of ALL the applicable items, with two magic path potions optionally able to be added to the breeding)

Fertility Potion $5 (Possible clutch size increases by 1)

Enhanced Fertility Potion  $5 (A small Chance to Double your Litter)

Ancient Fertility Statue $25 

Mutagen (Randomly Rolled) $10 (This will randomize what non-legendary mutation you get with the exception of Chimerism and Marbling, You can have this choose from magic mutations as well!)

Mutagen (Custom) $15 (This will allow you to choose a non-legendary mutation on your Drakiri, with the exception of Chimerism and Marbling)

Magic Mutagen (Random) $10 (You can choose which magic path you want the mutagen to be from, or be surprised. If not specified, it will be rolled from the full pool)

Magic Mutagen (Custom) $15 (You can choose a magic mutagen to be added)

Legendary Mutagen (Randomly Rolled): $25

Legendary Mutagen (Custom): $30

Rare Breed Change Token: $25

Uncommon Breed Change Token: $15

Common Breed Change Token: $5

Universal Crossbreed Token: $25 (This allows you to choose ANY crossbreed regardless of the lineage; limited. Only 5 available, also allows mutts)

Crossbreed Token: $15 (Apply this to a geno to allow them to be a crossbreed of their parents or between Drakiri in their Lineage.)

Common Base Coat Changer (Cream, Fawn) $5
Uncommon Base Coat Changer (Gold, Chestnut) $8
Rare Base Coat Changer (Black) $12
Specialty Base Coat Changer (Epistatic White) $30

Common Coat Modifier (Silver): $5
Uncommon Coat Modifier (Darken, Dilute): $10
Rare Coat Modifier (Erythrism, Jade, Sapphire, Topaz): $20
Compound Modifier Bundle (Two mods): $35 (Limit of 3 per person)
Compound Modifier Bundle (Three mods): $50 (Limit of 2 per person)
Chromatic Modifier Bundle (Erythrism, Jade, Sapphire AND Topaz: $70 (Limit of 1 per person)


For the duration of beta testing, as things are changing and being moved around, marking applicators, trait switchers and mutagens can be used on existing imports without the use of a Makeover Token.

$10 per Common Ability Potion
$15 per Uncommon Ability Potion
$20 per Rare Ability Potion
$30 per Legendary Ability Potion (3 available, 1 per person)

Full Custom

(These are cash only, no Arcanium! Payment plans fully allowed)
The only limits to a Full Custom is the number of Legendaries that can be put on one Geno.
If no Legendaries are chosen, they will gain their own fault codes which will be added in to the roller, making them completely unrelated to any other Drakiri with those markings, even rare ones.

$1200 flat price (For now, these will eventually be auction only)
-Payment Plans allowed, can be discussed

-Limit of 2 Legendary Marking. These WILL get their respective legendary Starter inserted in the Drakiri's Lineage)
-Limit of 2 Legendary Mutation
-Additional Legendaries can be added for $100 apiece, but like the others will get the legendary starter and fault code)
-All other markings/abilities/mutations are unlimited
-Can be ANY Breed or Crossbreed
-They will get their own set of unique Fault Codes

This special price will not have a lineage unless legendary markings are included in their Genotype. In this case, they will gain the starters in their lineage to avoid breaking the rarity of the Legendaries



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