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It's been a hot minute since we had a sale, but now we have a special Error 404 Sale!

The Error is a strange and unique Drakiri, whose genes constantly change. No two breedings to the Error are the same!   A special Wildcard geno is generated for each breeding and paired with a Drak, with lots of markings, mutations, abilities, and can be ANY breed or crossbreed! The Error both exists... and doesn't, at the same time. It can appear numerous times in a lineage without causing any sort of inbreeding due to its unique nature.

Full Error 404 Slot
A full slot to the Error to use like any other slot

$85 Apiece

Single Geno Error 404 Slot
(Allows you to get one single geno from the Error and a Drak of your choice that you own or have a breeding permission to)

$30 Apiece

Single  Error 404 x Error 404 Geno
(Gets you a single geno breeding between the Error and the Error

$50 Apiece

Ultra Wildcard
(USD only, unlike the other 404 sales things. The rest can use Arcanium)
3 Available, 1 per person

$250 Apiece (These are crazy genos with a ton of markings and mutations! They will have starters and fault codes assigned for legendary and some rare markings)
$1200 if you want them to have their own set of Fault Codes once uploaded (A combination of Ultra Wildcard and Full Custom - in this case, you would be allowed to add to them and customize your geno. They would still have the Error in their lineage, but the Error does not effect chances at inbreeding

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Kurokami Avatar

I would like to purchase a Single Error 404 x Error 404 Geno with 50 arcanium

2023-04-10 19:26:28

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