April Updates

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With april, comes a few special events about a certain Error that comes to play in the world of Galabastarin! A Drakiri that exists, but shouldn't. Doesn't exist... but somehow seems to. 

The one and only... Error-404!


This is the only time of year that you can get special Ultra Wildcards, which is what is generated and bred with your Drakiri when you procure a slot! This is also the only time of year that you can get an Error 404 slot!

There is a way to get one for free... Draw your Drakiri encountering the Error. How you depect this eldritchy glitched Errored Drakiri is entirely up to you, since it is never the same in any given moment! You will get a full Error 404 slot in return! You can purchase more from the sale, both for Arcanium, and for USD!

There will be another way to get a slot, announced in the Discord, so make sure you stay active and keep an eye out so you don't miss out! If you acquire two Error-404 slots, you can breed them with eachother.

In other news, we have had a lot of developement done!

1 - The activity reward system has been entirely overhauled to be much more fair for everybody! You'll be getting more and better rewards, and the stats actually help this even more!

2 - We have some new abilities! Bard, which currently acts like Promiscuous, but breeds with a randomly generated geno but will have more effects in battles! Adventurous, which gives bonuses to Dungeon Crawling and Rifting.

3 - Artless activities have gotten a pretty nice buff!

4 - Some clarification on the specialty levels has been added! They are now called Grandmaster (6), Elder (7) and Ancient (8). Also clarifying that these specialty levels are not actually official proper levels and do not give as much of a boost as the first five levels, as Level 5 is the endgame for Drakiri with the specialty levels just giving another special reward

5 - For every 1000 MP after Ancient, there will be a special little item pack as a thank you for your time and dedication!

6 - Charisma now boosts Aurics gained in activities! Each 1 Charisma stat point gives a 2% boost

7 - A new item is available for sale throughout this month, called "Go Fuck Yourself"! This allows a Drakiri to be bred fully with themself. If you do not own the Drakiri, you will need to use a slot, and you will need two slots to use them on eachother, and will need the permission of the Drakiri's owner. 

8 - Lengendary Blood has been edited and balanced. It now has an effect on all marking rarities, and won't make legendaries pass like candy anymore. Legendaries will be special and rare again!

9 - We should have recipe categories soon, so that crafting, magic, alchemy, and cooking can get groundwork added!

10 - And finally, working on adding an update to allow trophies and awards!


And finally finally... Drakiri is gonna be getting much more and much faster improvements now that I have good, steady money to pay coders! We are screaming closer and closer to completion, rejoice!!!!! 


Current Events

Encountering the Error

Requirements: A drawing or written piece of your Drakiri encountering the Error. Should be flat colored with at least a simple background, fullbody or almost fullbody. (However you can get creative with the angles and composition without worry!) If written, it should be 1000+ words, +150 words per Drakiri added for doing multiple Draks for Error genos.
Special Notes: You may only get a single full slot to the Error with this event. You can, however, do art for other players, though they will need to redeem it for their full slot.  You can, however, do this event again for a single geno breeding between the Drakiri depicted and the Error for a single geno as many times as you can draw it in the month! Unlike the full slot, this won't be able to use any items, but will be effected by abilities outside of litter increasing abilities. It will only ever be a single geno, since this can't be split. If you have a slot to the Drakiri, you may use that, but it will use your slot; otherwise, you will need to use your own. No more than three Drakiri can be depicted in this event Image and get the rewards.
Claim to Use: Activities and Events if you are getting the Error 404 slot.  If getting a geno use the Error 404 Geno Event Claim

Drakiri URL:
Drakiri Name:
Artwork/Writing URL:
Reward: (Are you getting the full slot, or are you getting the single geno? Note that you can only get the full slot once.)



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