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Christmas Season Specials

Gift One Get One sale!


Any purchase using USD has a special Gift One Get One sale for all of December! Purchase a gift for somebody else using USD (Including Arcanium purchases), you get something of equal value completely free! Arcanium included; you can purchase Arcanium for somebody as a gift and get an equal amount yourself. If you can't decide what you want, you can get the value in Arcanium, essentially making the gift free, allowing you to use the Arcanium shop to get your reward!

The only exception is the Full Lineageless Custom; these are not gift one get one. But everything else is included, including Legendaries and limited things!

This special is USD only and does not apply to Arcanium purchases.


Specialty Holiday Genes

Bundle: $35 (All the Holiday Genes in a bundle, a nice discount to get them all! 6 genes altogether!)
Individual: $10 apiece

A Reminder of the Holiday Genes!

Reindeer (Specialty Mutation) (Rnd) - A  Holiday themed fur mutation that creates long hair around the neck, covering neck scales. It is covered up by full neck manes like Elk, Lion and Barbary

Rudolph (Specialty Mutation) (Rud) - Nose turns red and glows, grants Darksight, color can change with Glimmer

Snowflake (Rare Marking) (Snf) - Marking, creates snowflakes or frost all over the Drakiri. White or blue, but can be glimmered to be other colors.

Tinsel (Rare Marking) (Tns) - Acts similar to stroke, allowing streaks of shiny gold or silver to appear in the mane, without needing glimmer or gradient. Tinsel can’t be affected by Glimmer, and must appear in gold, silver and shiny, or red, green or white with a shimmer effect restricted to it. This can be in gold or silver, a lighter color than the part below, or white.

Festive (Rare Marking) (Fsv) -  Makes a marking green or red (Or red and green for two-toned markings), and can have various holiday themed patterns in white on the affected markings as well as make the edges lacey and festive looking, resembling gift wrap. It can also be shiny or shimmery/sparkly. It can also create shiny ribbon inspired markings on the Drakiri in red, green, or red and green, with white festive themed edging or even patterns.

North Star (Specialty Mutation) (Nrs) - Creates a stylized star floating over the Drakiri’s head or around them somewhere. Several of these stars can be present around your Drakiri, and they can have shimmering trails behind them, seeming to swirl around your Drakiri like a stylized christmas star. They can appear to glow.

Arcanium Purchases

Arcanium is Drakiri's premium currency. It is equivilent in value of $1 per 1 Arcanium, though purchasing bundles can get you some bonuses added on for free, with bigger purchases giving you bigger bundles. DM me on Discord ( ArthaDemon#6123 ) to make your purchase and once confirmed, I will add your Arcanium to your account.

5-25 Arcanium will be the direct USD equivilent ($5 to $25)
26-100 Arcanium will get you a 10% bonus rounded up by one (So for a $50 purchase, will get  5 free Arcanium added to your purchase)
100-500 Arcanium will get you a 20% bonus! So if you purchase 100 Arcanium, you will get 20 Arcanium for free)
500+ Arcanium will get you a 30% bonus! So if you purchase 600 Arcanium, you will get 180 Arcanium for free)

Semicustom prices have been adjusted! They are now a little cheaper than they were!

Arcanium can be used in the Arcanium shops for items, mutagens, and similar!


Limit of 3 per player per sale

To purchase a Semicustom, DM me on Discord ( ArthaDemon#6123 ) and I will process your purchase and create your Semicustom geno slot. 

If you are purchasing with arcanium, go to the Semicustom Purchase claim, which can be found by going to "Submit" next to your username on the menu bar. Add the Arcanium from your bank and specify in the comment what you are purchasing. Either myself or another staff member will process your claim and create your geno slot. This applies to Character Transfer Tokens as well!

Base Price: $20
Included: Kainu, Mystic or Sprite with 3 Common Markings, 3 common abilities, 1 uncommon ability, and  1 Uncommon marking on a Common Basecoat with Common Traits.  For the October Sale only, you can choose one exclusive Halloween gene for no extra cost

+$10 Rare Build

+$8 Uncommon Build

-Crossbreeds will take the two build rarities, half the price, round up, then combine the prices together

+$8 Gold or Chestnut Basecoat
+$10 Black Basecoat
+$15 Epistatic White Basecoat

+5$ per common marking, limit of 5
+8$ per uncommon marking, limit of 4
+12$ per rare marking, limit of 3
+12$ per rare base coat modifier (Erythrism, Topaz, Jade, Sapphire) limit of 3
+8$ per Uncommon Base Coat Modifier (Darken, Dilute)
+$5 per Common Base Coat Modifier (Silver)
+$30 for a Legendary Marking, Limit of 1

+5 apiece, uncommon physical traits
+$15, Uncommon Trait Bundle (All traits uncommon, buy three get one free)

+$10 apiece, rare physical traits
+$30, Rare Trait Bundle (All traits rare, buy three get one free)

+10$ Normal or Magic mutation
+30 Legendary Mutations (Limit of 1)
Faults are Free

$5 per Common Ability, Limit of 3
$10 per Uncommon ability, Limit of 3
$15 per Rare Ability, Limit of 2
$30 per Legendary Ability, Limit of 1



Full Custom

(These are cash only, no Arcanium! Payment plans fully allowed. VERY few full customs will ever be made available!)
The only limits to a Full Custom is the number of Legendaries that can be put on one Geno.
If no Legendaries are chosen, they will gain their own fault codes which will be added in to the roller, making them completely unrelated to any other Drakiri with those markings, even rare ones.

As a note, you MAY apply this to a Drakiri you already own to have their lineage wiped (Other than Legendaries) (Optionally, this can update any of their offspring as well) and have their own fault codes added. (This won't effect any offspring they already have)

$1200 flat price (For now, these will eventually be auction only)
-Payment Plans allowed, can be discussed

-Limit of 1 Legendary Marking. 
-Limit of 1 Legendary Mutation
-Limit of 1 Legendary Ability
-Additional Legendaries can be added with an Applicator, but these will give you a Legendary Starter and the attached Legendary Fault Code.
-Limit of 30 markings
-Limit of 12 Mutations
-Limit of 12 Abilities
-More Abilities, Mutations and Markings can be added using Applicators. Only Legendaries will add fault codes and a starter if the one allowable Legendary is already used.
-Up to 3  common genes, 2 uncommon genes and 1 rare gene can be made Dominant. 
-Can be ANY Breed or Crossbreed
-Can use ANY Physical traits
-Comes with any cosmetic items you would like to add, even a Custom Base Token to be used on your full custom. Meaning you can draw it yourself or have somebody else draws it. (These rules are WIP, however; and this feature is not ready yet. The fact that it is a full custom will be noted in the geno's description for records so this can be upgraded to a custom base done by you or another artist you commissioned once that is done)
-They will get their own set of unique Fault Codes UNLESS extra Legendaries are added.

Payment Plans are absolutely allowed! 25% should be paid up front, and the rest can be discussed. Note that if you change your mind, you won't receive a refund, HOWEVER, you will get Arcanium for the amount paid. If you want to start the payment plan back up, it WILL be allowed, and the Arcanium will simply go back into the purchase if you haven't spent it already! If you have, however, you will have to start a new purchase.

Character Transfer Tokens

Limit of 3 per user per sale

Have a beloved OC you would like to see in Drakiri's playground? Buy an adoptable that you wish could be in an ARPG? Did you sink time and money into an ARPG, only for it to shut down and leave you high and dry? Did you leave an ARPG for some reason or other, but really miss that special Import that meant so much to you over time, and dread starting all over again in a new ARPG?  Do you want to explore other versions of your ARPG character for paralell universe shennanigans? Then this is the place for you! For drastically reduced prices, far cheaper than a Semicustom, you can transfer your character in to the big sandbox that is Drakiri-ARPG! If they have art done of them, this gets counted towards MP, and if they had breeding rites completed for the ARPG they came from, they will have breeding rites active here, too!


  • You must own the character and have proof that you own them. You must have owned this character for at least three months.
  • They should resemble the character being transferred, to remain recognizable, however you are allowed to add on rewards you would have gotten from the other RPG, and you may add applicators, mutagens, and ability potions.
  • If the character is a human/humanoid, you are fully allowed to make this their humanoid form, with just a few things added to make them recognizeable as Drakiri. The rule of having a ref of their humanoid form still apply.
  • If they are an ARPG import, the original can absolutely still remain yours, and still be in use. Art done of the original will not count towards their Drakiri form after the date of their transfer, but everything from before will be transferred over. In fact, there will be an MP bonus  (+2 MP) if both versions of the character are depicted together!
  • This can not be used for genos! Same rules as Imports. This should be for genos from ARPG's that are dead, or ARPG's you have already left. You must own the geno. While it can not be enforced, it is preferred that you do not sell or use the geno in the ARPG it came from if it's one you left.
  • If transferring an existing import, we ask that you keep true to the original so they are recognizable, but encourage changes to make the character closer to your dream of what they could be, and make them fit into the Drakiri genetics better. If these changes fall under the price of the transfer token, then you don't have to upgrade it to add things!
  • You may not sell or trade the transferred Import or Geno for at least 3 months. You may gift it, though, and you may purchase tokens/transfers for your friends!



The base price is for any common or common/common crossbreed
Genes count for Markings, Mutations and Abilities.
Mutations are either rare (Normal and Magic) or Legendary (Legendary Mutations)

Transfer Tokens

$8 - Common Geno Transfer Token: Common Base Coat (Cream, Fawn) and up to 5 Common Markings, Common physical traits.

$11 - Uncommon Geno Transfer Token: Uncommon Base coat (Gold or Chestnut), up to 5 markings, common to uncommon, Common to Uncommon physical Traits. 

$16 - Rare Geno Transfer Token: Rare Base Coat (Black) OR Modified Common-Uncommon Base Coat (1 Modifier, a second one requires a Genobomb Upgrade), up to 5 genes Common to Rare, Common-Rare traits, 2 rare gene limit. (A magic or normal mutation counts as a rare trait)

$20 - Legendary Geno Transfer Token: Common to Rare Basecoat with 2 modifiers allowed, 5 genes, alongside a legendary gene.
(Wings are optional if your original character had wings. Their Drakiri form does not need them unless you want them to have them!)  


Genobomb Upgrades

+$10 Genobomb Upgrade
4 common genes, 3 uncommon genes, 2 rare genes, or 2 normal/magic mutations. The rare rare gene can cover another color mod, though the limit is 3. 

+$20 Legendary Genobomb Upgrade
1 Legendary Gene and 4 common genes, 3 uncommon genes or 2 rare genes or normal/magic mutations

Breed Upgrades

+$8 Uncommon Build Upgrade (Primal, Q'lin, Komakha)
+$12 Rare build upgrade (Dracus, Kelpie, Nightmare)
+$10 For an Uncommon Cross Upgrade (Common/Uncommon or Uncommon/Uncommon Crossbreeds. Common/Common crosses count under the base price)
+$15 for a Rare Cross Upgrade (Any crossbreed involving a rare breed)



This is, and never was, meant to be "Member Poaching" in any way, whatsoever. Any accusations otherwise will, from henceforth, be ignored. Transferring Imports from another ARPG is completely optional, and is aimed mostly at ARPG's that shut down, died, or people who have actually already left the other group. This journal is not being officially advertised, and is aimed, entirely, at people who are already Drakiri members.



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