[Open] Special April Sale

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These items will be available all month, though there will be a semicustom sale coming near the middle of the month, which will be the usual sale. 

April is the fourth month of the year, and the time that the Error comes out to play!


Error 404 is a special Drakiri that is never the same in any given moment. Every time it is bred, a new Ultra Wildcard (Or 404 Wildcard) is rolled and bred with your Drakiri. It means this is entirely unpredictable! These Ultra Wildcards have tons of markings, and are a guaranteed genobomb, tons of mutations including Magic Mutations, lots of abilities, and have a fairly high chance of generating with a Legendary!

Full slots to Error-404 are available for $50 USD apiece, or $55 Arcanium! There aren't limited amounts of these, but no player may buy more than 2. Yes, they can be used with eachother! Unlike an Ultra Wildcard, however, they will get starters and fault codes for any rares they have, or any rares there is space for. Direct offspring of Error 404 are smaller litters, however, since the Error is such a powerful breeder, and you will get one or two genos from the breeding. Litter increasing items, however, are effective!

There are also Ultra Wildcards available for $150 apiece. These are USD only, however, and Arcanium can not be used. Only five of these in total are available.

Note that this special geno comes with any cosmetic item you need (ASIDE from a custom base token) as well as the effects of up to two Disappearing Inks. You may also bump things to carried without needing a gene eraser. This is allowable due to how insane these genos come out and sometimes that is needed!

You may also reroll this geno twice without a reroll geno item, if you are not pleased with the outcome. You, however, can not go back to the previous roll as it is overwritten with the reroll.

What is an Ultra Wildcard? It is an insane Drakiri that is guaranteed to have the legendary specialty Glitch mutation, be a genobomb, or even a genonuke with tons of mutations, abilities and markings! This sale only, you can choose the breed, even crossbreed, without paying any extra, and only Legendary markings and 2 rare markings will get a fault code and starter added!

Available as well are 5 Custom Base Tokens! These are $30 apiece! Two of these can be bought with Arcanium.
1 Sold
4 Left

The rules are that the custom base must quality match with the rest of the bases for Drakiri
It must look like the Drakiri breed it is. If it is a Crossbreed, you may redraw it with your own combination of the parent breeds, and with mutts... the options are endless. 
The base MUST be able to fit in a 2800 x 2200 canvas or parts will be cut off.
It must be digital, with a transparent background. 

And finally, there is a new item called Go Fuck Yourself! Each person can get ONE of these for free as an April Fools special, but more are available for sale.

This item is available for $10 USD or Arcanium.

This item does not use one of your breedings for the month.

Have fun!!!!



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