May Updates

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We've gotten some pretty big updates lined up for May!

Due to how many MP bonuses there are, levelling ended up becoming very imbalanced, allowing you to climb to end game levels pretty quickly! It was to the point where I was having to nerf a lot of the bonuses, and I didn't like that. 

As such, levels have been updated!

Level 1 is now 100 MP, BUT!!!! You still get auto levelled if you complete all 3 Rites of Passage! (Formerly 80)

Level 2 is now 200, about double what it takes to get to Level 1 (Formerly 160)

Level 3 is now 350, just a bit less than half what it takes to get to Level 2 (Formerly 300)

Level 4 is now 600, just a bit less than doubling what it takes to get to Level 3 (Formerly 450)

Level 5 is now 900, a bit less than doubling what it takes to get to level 4 (Formerly 700)

The Specialty Levels have changed too, but not as much!

Grandmaster (Level 6 for rolling purposes) is 1300 (Instead of 1200)

Elder (Level 7 for rolling purposes) is still 1800

Ancient is still 3000 Once trophies are added in, a to be decided amount of MP past Ancient will get you a trophy that will come with a lil' item pack with a note next to the Ancient level! The change isn't TOO much! What does this mean for you? Well, if your Drakiri is already levelled, you can file a claim to fill in the missing MP for that level, but if they are not levelled yet, you'll need to use the new MP counts for future levelling. The change isn't drastic, but I hope this balances things a bit better without creating an endless grind!

With this being said!!! A lot of the bonus nerfs have been lifted making bonuses more worth it and making this have not too much effect for those who wanna put the work in!

From the Guide:

  • Starter: +3 per Starter (Stack with eachother and with Unowned Drakiri)
  • Unowned Drakiri: +1 (Stacks up to 5 and with the Starter bonus)
  • Other Species: +1 (This can be from another ARPG, or another person's species, or your own species. Real animals don't count for this. Up to 4 of these can stack!)
  • Non-Commissioned: +1 (This art was not commissioned. Either you received it as a gift, or you drew it yourself)
  • Collaberation or RP: +2
  • Master Drakiri: +2 (Stacks with Unowned and Starter bonus and stacks with eachother)
  • Activities/Prompts: +2
  • Accurate Sky: +2 (Sky Reference link coming soon!)
  • Companion: +2 (Some Companion items will have some minor MP bonuses both for the Drakiri that is bonded to the companion and Drakiri depicted with the one bonded to the companion)
  • Leadership Ability: +3 (Stacks with Drakiri that have Leadership)
  • Depicted with a Grandmaster Drakiri: +4 MP Bonus (This is instead of the Master bonus)
  • Depicted with an Elder Drakiri: +6 MP Bonus (This is isntead of the Master and/or Grandmaster Bonus)
  • Depicted with an Ancient Drakiri: +8 MP Bonus (This is instead of the Master/Grandmaster/Elder bonus)
  • Master/Apprentice Bonus: When a Drakiri takes an Apprentice, they get a special bonus when depicted together. +3 MP goes to the Master AND the Apprentice! Do not confuse this with the Level 5 bonus. This stacks with the Level 5 bonus/any other bonus)

Read more here! Mana Points Guide


Additionally, applicators/mutagens/ability potions now have a limit for how many can be added to a single Drakiri.

Starting now, there are limits to how many total genes can be added to a Drakiri. This is genes added on to the base geno!

Carried genes brought out do not count towards this limit, only applicators/ability potions/Mutagens added on. In addition, abilities earned through levelling up or completing Rites also don't count towards this cap. This will all be tracked in the Drakiri's description. (Found in the tab next to their Lineage on their Import page)

If you already have your Drakiri in for the update before this announcement, it will still go through just fine!

The limits are as follows:

  • Common Markings: Up to 10 common markings can be added
  • Common Abilities: Up to 8 common abilities can be added (This only counts for abilities added from ability potions, not earned from levelling or Rites)
  • Uncommon Markings: Up to 8 Uncommon markings can be added on
  • Uncommon Abilities: Up to 6 uncommon abilities can be added on (This only counts for abilities added from ability potions, not earned from levelling or Rites)
  • Rare markings: Up to 5 rare markings can be added on
  • Rare Abilities: Up to 5 rare abilities can be added on (This only counts for abilities added from ability potions, not earned from levelling or Rites)
  • Mutations: Up to 4 Mutations can be added, with an additional 5 Magic Mutations
  • Legendary Markings: Up to 2 can be added
  • Legendary Mutations: Up to 2 can be added
  • Legendary Abilities: Up to 2 can be added
  • Coat Mods: Up to two of those can be added UNLESS you are using a Coat Modifier Bundle, then the Bundle counts as one. 


There is a new item called "Gene Cap Reset"

This can be gotten for 95 Gratitude Tokens in the Gratitude Token shop, and can be used once per Drakiri! (This will be added as a "trait"  when used and will effectively double the limit (So 20 common markings instead of 10, for example)


Finally, our last update, rather small!

Artless Activities will now always give 3-16 MP to your Drakiri Normal Activities now have a 5% chance to bring in 3-16 extra MP for your Drakiri!


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