Hiatus and a MUCH NEEDED Restructuring/Improvement

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Drakiri is going into a Hiatus!

All queues are being closed down, including design approval, breeding, activities, everything.

Note that this is NOT permanent! Drakiri is NOT! shutting down!

There is no ETA for how long it will take, HOWEVER, this is so we can focus on actually going in and fixing all of the issues that have been weighing us down for ages.

Some of the things on the table first are

-Rebalancing Activity rewards
-Rebalancing breeding
-Enacting Breeding Limits
-Setting up crafting recipes
-Setting up magic spells
The bug was fixed for ages, but I never had the energy to do it
-Finish up the Zarkantas being brought in and added to the site so there can be a proper event introducing them, and so folks who have been so patient don't have to keep waiting

Additionally, the combat system, level and stats, and some other systems are actually next up on the coder's projects. So there may be some testing reopening of the queues during that time.

All current queues will be worked through whenever we have the time and energy to do it.

Some other stuff being done during this downtime includes

-Bringing all the lore and worldbuilding together, making things much more clear
-Improve Navigation and information, make things less scattered and confusing
-Making a proper map
-Making proper regions
-Reworking the activity prompts to make them much more engaging and fun
-Consolidating the worldbuilding into one place, creating a wiki with information
-Reworking the design guide
-making final, clear, consistent set of design rules, while still keeping the creative freedom we all know and love
-Outline some more rules on marking interactions
-Looking at markings, seeing if any need to be brought back from being combined
-Complete overhaul of the starters and starter system
-Fix up problems in bases, layering issues, glaring anatomy issues, there's some various "bugs" over time that have built up that I have not seen or have but never got around to fixing. Will have a channel set up to report these issues, with a form so that it's easy for me to go through and fix them without getting overwhelmed and lost
-Actually get item art, either commissioned or licensed from a paid vector stock site, then uploaded so items have art

Many Updates! (Important!)

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These are some updates that have been announced in the Discord server, but not put here as they should be.


First, we now have Gene Limits for genes being added to a Drakiri. This will be tracked in their notes.

This is genes added on to the base geno! Carried genes brought out with a Hidden Splendor do not count towards this limit, only applicators/ability potions/Mutagens added on.

The Limits are as follows:
Common Markings: Up to 10 common markings can be added

Common Abilities: Up to 8 common abilities can be added (This only counts for abilities added from ability potions, not earned from levelling or Rites)

Uncommon Markings: Up to 8 Uncommon markings can be added on |

Uncommon Abilities: Up to 6 uncommon abilities can be added on (This only counts for abilities added from ability potions, not earned from levelling or Rites)

Rare markings: Up to 5 rare markings can be added on

Rare Abilities: Up to 5 rare abilities can be added on (This only counts for abilities added from ability potions, not earned from levelling or Rites)

Mutations: Up to 4 Mutations can be added, with an additional 5 Magic Mutations

Legendary Markings: Up to 2 can be added

Legendary Mutations: Up to 2 can be added

Legendary Abilities: Up to 2 can be added

Coat Mods: Up to two of those can be added UNLESS you are using a Coat Modifier Bundle, then the Bundle counts as one.

This limit can be refreshed ONCE with an item! (The item is not yet available, but will be soon!)

A few more changes:


When adding genes or items, please explain what is being added in the comment! If a lot of stuff is interacting, explain what is interacting with what to make the approval staff's job easier! If there is no comment explaining things, your design will be bumped with a comment asking for clarification. This will make things a ton easier on the staff, and will streamline the approval process and allow the queues to be gotten through more quickly.

Tweaks to Disappearing Inks!

Disappearing Inks had a few issues that have been ironed out!

1 - They were meant to be more expensive/harder to get than Gene Erasers... but I failed at math and they ended up being the same price since erasers are 500 Aurics and Inks were 1500 for 3 uses... which boiled down to 500 Aurics for an overpowered item

2 - Their intention was so you could hide a marking or two on a Drak that you couldn't get to work with the design As such, Disappearing Inks have gone through some changes! Disappearing Inks are now 2000 Aurics apiece, and they now only effect a single gene! Like before, there is no limit to how many you can apply to a single Drakiri, but they are more expensive and less powerful now. 

MP Count Updates

A few little balance changes have been discussed and put into place!

-Master/Grandmaster/Elder/Ancient Drakiri MP bonuses no longer stack
-Leadership bonus no longer stacks
-Master/Grandmaster/Elder/Ancient bonuses have been clarified a bit to be easier to understand!
-A Gift Art bonus has been added! A Drakiri drawn as a gift receives +1 MP for themselves and for Drakiri around them. HOWEVER, you MUST have permission to use this Drakiri in a group setting for the bonus to apply to any Drakiri other than the one being done as a gift. This will either be as a note in the Drakiri’s profile, expressing that the owner is alright for them to be added to group pieces, or a comment made for this purpose as well. (The thread is located here )
-Gifts of Drakiri levels 0-2 will get an additional +1 MP on top of the Gift Art bonus for themselves and for Drakiri depicted with them. Like the original gift art bonus, the permission rules apply. This must be redeemed before the Drakiri is levelled up!
-Any stacking bonuses can only stack 4 times unless specified otherwise. The reason for stacking being removed once again is that the stacking actually ended up being way more overpowered than intended, and as a result was throwing off the level balance. We felt that getting rid of stacking was better than nerfing down the MP bonuses in the long run, and would still keep those rewards feeling nice and earned. If it ends up needed, the MP bonuses may get a boost to compensate for removal of stacking, but we will test how not stacking them works first.

Temporary Activity Limits

You can now have three activity rolls in the Queue at a time. However, this will cover all the Draks in the image that you own, allowing them all the be rolled! Please wait 24 hours before submitting three more if they are rolled. It is no longer a limit on how many AR's are submitted weekly, but rather by ARs in the queue at once. As for why this is, this means that when staff are more active and have more time, more AR's can be done, BUT, if they are less active or have less time, they won't be overwhealmed. This is also MUCH easier for player and staff alike to track. Players can see active/pending submissions and staff can as well. I hope this is easier on everybody! As a reminder, this is NOT a permanent update! This is only in place until the automation is complete, which will be a while. Combat and the Level/Stat system is going to be completed first, and then Automation, so that both systems can be worked on together for that; it will make altogether less work for the coder working on it. Note that Artless Activities are not effected by this! You still can do three of these a month. This is temporary!

Artless activities will each need to be done in a separate claim due to a bug in the roller connected to Artless. Any Artless activities submitted after the shut down will be rejected if they have more than one being claimed at once

Items now required for updating your Drakiri

Since Drakiri's bases are stable, as are the markings, Makeover Tokens and Beautify Potions are now required for updating a Drakiri's design! Items that have been there for ages are now finally in use! Beautify Potion - Minor tweaks, or changes to the design. These will be used for minor tweaks that do not effect the Drakiri's genotype. ABeautify Potion is not required if you are adding an accessory to your Drakiri via an item! This is only required for updates to the design. As a rule of thumb, if the Drakiri's design is staying mostly the same aside from tweaks or improvements, or you are updating an accessory already there, a Beautify Potion is required to do so! This can also be for small stylizations of the mane, tweaks to improve it, or similar. Again, a Beautify Potion is not needed if you are adding a cosmetic item! Makeover Token - Major tweaks, major redesigns. This will need to be added if you are adding markings or mutations to existing imports! Anything that greatly changes the Drakiri's appearance or effects a Drakiri's genotype (Even if you hide the marking using a Disappearing Ink) will require a Makeover Token. A Makeover Token can allow you to completely redesign a Drakiri from scratch, transfer their design to a different breed, or similar. Note that if you are updating your Drakiri from an old base to a new base, neither item is needed to make this change UNLESS there are noticeable differences in the design! This being intentional changes, not a difference in style or a marking having to look different for a different base. (Minor changes will need a Beautify Potion, major ones will need a Makeover Token) Just mention in the comments that it's a base update in this case!


Monthly Closure


For the first 7 days each month, claims will be closed to allow any outstanding stuff from the month before to be completed, and then some time for the staff to just chill without having to worry about more stuff pouring in once it's all done.


Gratitude Tokens have been Discontinued


This has been a long time coming, something I've been thinking about for over a year. Gratitude Tokens were always meant to be a nice little reward you got for being generous, but no amount of balancing will make it so they can't be farmed.

It has made gift art, and gifting in general, very transactional which ended up being really uncomfortable and meant that instead of people gifting folks just to gift folks, it turned into people exploiting other people’s Drakiri, without their permission, for the returns gained…this made a lot of people uncomfortable, and made people who wanted to do gift art afraid to do it because of the transactional feel of the entire thing... and that was never, EVER the intention.

Additionally, what is and is not a gift is very nebulous, and it is way, way too easy to trick the system for further exploitation. There really is no way to FULLY make sure, for every gift given, that it was gifted to be a gift. Which boils down to all “gifts” being turned into a transaction. It wasn’t healthy, and it was damaging our community.

As of now, Gratitude Tokens can no longer be earned. The system is being taken down and removed entirely.

The gratitude Token shop will remain, BUT, only to spend the GT you already earned.

What does this mean for all of you? There's a few choices on what you can do with your Gratitude Tokens.

1 - Trade them for Arcanium. $1 Arcanium for every 5GT. Use the "Other" claim to do this.
2 - Trade them for Aurics. 500 Aurics for every 1 Gratitude Token. Use the “Other” claim to do this.
3 - Trade them for Background Tokens. 1 Background Token for each 1 GT Use the “Other” claim to do this.
4 - Spend them in the Gratitude Token Shop, which isn’t being deleted.
5 - A combination of all of the above.

What does this mean for gifting slots and Draks, or donating slots and Draks? A new special currency is going to be added with a different purpose and different ways to get it. This currency will be paid as an option for donating genos or imports to the adoption center or releasing genos (With boosts for certain markings, starters, or genes in general that are oversaturated to encourage getting them out of the gene pool) - The system is mostly finished (I have notes down) but I am blanking on what this new currency should be called.

This new currency will only affect donated genos, imports or slots, rather than gifted ones. This will be the new way to get nice items (Markings, Mutations and Abilities) as well as a couple exclusives (Adoption Papers, maybe the occasional Advanced Adoption Papers) without having to pay USD or Arcanium, and without having to acquire them from other players via purchase or trade.

I know some of you might not like this update, but it’s been a long time coming. There is no way to make this system work without a few people farming it instead of using it as it was originally intended. This is one of those ideas that is wonderful in theory, but terrible in practice. It is, unfortunately, a case of we can’t have nice things because if something can be exploited and farmed, it will be. I have been wracking my brain for solutions, for ways to not have to get rid of the Gratitude Token system, but nothing clear came up.

This may seem drastic, but this is the only choice I can see. We want to encourage generosity, we want to encourage being nice to folks and brightening people’s days, but the transactional feeling of gift art because of the Gratitude Token system put a huge damper on that. It was always meant to be a nice little reward for being a nice person; not a resource or a currency to be earned. I am not going to be taking suggestions on this matter, this is something I’ve been thinking about for a LONG time. And it’s honestly necessary.

I am sorry for anybody who is upset with this change, but sometimes changes like this are necessary for a healthy game moving forward.

Double Uterus Tweaks

Double Uterus is going back to how it functioned before the site. This means that items/abilities that increase litter sizes no longer effect Double Uterus breedings. Making it no longer disable fertility abilities/items was experimental, and I think it's better balanced if it overrides those! It is being modified so the breeding doesn't fail if the item is added in, but rather outputs that the item was not used due to so it can be refunded back to the player

HOWEVER! There is a Double Uterus Disabler item that's gonna be added to the Auric Shop and to the roller, allowing you to use fertility items INSTEAD of Double Uterus if you prefer! This can be useful if you added DU, but have lore reasons not to have it take effect for a certain breeding, or if you want to control the number of genos a Drakiri puts out.


Beauty in Simplicity Pageant Event

Beauty in Simplicity Beauty Pageant

A special event in Drakiri, a contest of sorts!

Sometimes, beauty comes in simpler designs; one doesn't need brilliant colors and intricate markings to be beautiful!

Depict your Drakiri (Written or drawn) showing off their beauty! This event has a few special rules, however!

This will need to be a fullbody flat colored image with at least a simple background, or 800 words written showcasing the Drakiri's beauty.

1 - The Drakiri may not have more than 6 visible markings (Disappearing Inks count as visible markings for this contest), and can not have more than 2 mutations!
2 - The Drakiri can not have a legendary gene (Marking or Mutation)
3 - No more than 2 color mods can be visible on the Drakiri

Enter using the "Beauty in Simplicity Beauty Pageant Entries" claim!


First Place
$150 Arcanium
100,000 Aurics
A Double Uterus mutation added to the winning Drakiri. HOWEVER, if more markings are added, the mutation will be removed. They must remain simple to keep this prize! (There will be a note on the mutation)
Roller Breaker Item

Second Place
$80 Arcanium
50,000 Aurics
Ancient Fertility Statue

Third Place
$50 Arcanium
25,000 Aurics
Lucky Rabbit's Foot

Five Runners Up
$25 Arcanium
15,000 Aurics
3 normal Breeding Items of your choice


All entries will get 3000 Aurics and 1 normal breeding item in addition to the aurics earned by general art!

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

And finally, our October Trick or Treat event!!

ANY artwork (That has at least a flat color, or a literature of 500 or more words) will have a loot table added; this loot table will give you 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 Halloween Candy, which can be used in a special Halloween shop!

In this shop, you can get the Halloween genes, Wraith mutagen, Corruption mutagens (With a few Entropy thrown in), and Nightmare breed changes!

While you can't redeem art for it YET, I will sell bundles of these Halloween candy for 10 candies for every $5 USD (No Arcanium at this time, since they will be perfectly earnable once everything opens back up. This is just for those of you who are impatient)

This was a lot, but now it is all in one place. Thanks for reading!

October Semicustom Sale

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Specialty Halloween Genes are $15 apiece! Arcanium or USD!

Arcanium Purchases

Arcanium is Drakiri's premium currency. It is equivilent in value of $1 per 1 Arcanium, though purchasing bundles can get you some bonuses added on for free, with bigger purchases giving you bigger bundles. DM me on Discord ( ArthaDemon#6123 ) to make your purchase and once confirmed, I will add your Arcanium to your account.

5-25 Arcanium will be the direct USD equivilent ($5 to $25)
26-100 Arcanium will get you a 10% bonus rounded up by one (So for a $50 purchase, will get  5 free Arcanium added to your purchase)
100-500 Arcanium will get you a 20% bonus! So if you purchase 100 Arcanium, you will get 20 Arcanium for free)
500+ Arcanium will get you a 30% bonus! So if you purchase 600 Arcanium, you will get 180 Arcanium for free)

Semicustom prices have been adjusted! They are now a little cheaper than they were!

Arcanium can be used in the Arcanium shops for items, mutagens, and similar!


Limit of 3 per player per sale

To purchase a Semicustom, DM me on Discord ( ArthaDemon#6123 ) and I will process your purchase and create your Semicustom geno slot. 

If you are purchasing with arcanium, go to the Semicustom Purchase claim, which can be found by going to "Submit" next to your username on the menu bar. Add the Arcanium from your bank and specify in the comment what you are purchasing. Either myself or another staff member will process your claim and create your geno slot. This applies to Character Transfer Tokens as well!

Base Price: $20
Included: Kainu, Mystic or Sprite with 3 Common Markings, 3 common abilities, 1 uncommon ability, and  1 Uncommon marking on a Common Basecoat with Common Traits.  For the October Sale only, you can choose one exclusive Halloween gene for no extra cost

+$10 Rare Build

+$8 Uncommon Build

-Crossbreeds will take the two build rarities, half the price, round up, then combine the prices together

+$8 Gold or Chestnut Basecoat
+$10 Black Basecoat
+$15 Epistatic White Basecoat

+5$ per common marking, limit of 5
+8$ per uncommon marking, limit of 4
+12$ per rare marking, limit of 3
+12$ per rare base coat modifier (Erythrism, Topaz, Jade, Sapphire) limit of 3
+8$ per Uncommon Base Coat Modifier (Darken, Dilute)
+$5 per Common Base Coat Modifier (Silver)
+$30 for a Legendary Marking, Limit of 1

+5 apiece, uncommon physical traits
+$15, Uncommon Trait Bundle (All traits uncommon, buy three get one free)

+$10 apiece, rare physical traits
+$30, Rare Trait Bundle (All traits rare, buy three get one free)

+10$ Normal or Magic mutation
+30 Legendary Mutations (Limit of 1)
Faults are Free

$5 per Common Ability, Limit of 3
$10 per Uncommon ability, Limit of 3
$15 per Rare Ability, Limit of 2
$30 per Legendary Ability, Limit of 1



Full Custom

(These are cash only, no Arcanium! Payment plans fully allowed. VERY few full customs will ever be made available!)
The only limits to a Full Custom is the number of Legendaries that can be put on one Geno.
If no Legendaries are chosen, they will gain their own fault codes which will be added in to the roller, making them completely unrelated to any other Drakiri with those markings, even rare ones.

As a note, you MAY apply this to a Drakiri you already own to have their lineage wiped (Other than Legendaries) (Optionally, this can update any of their offspring as well) and have their own fault codes added. (This won't effect any offspring they already have)

$1200 flat price (For now, these will eventually be auction only)
-Payment Plans allowed, can be discussed

-Limit of 1 Legendary Marking. 
-Limit of 1 Legendary Mutation
-Limit of 1 Legendary Ability
-Additional Legendaries can be added with an Applicator, but these will give you a Legendary Starter and the attached Legendary Fault Code.
-Limit of 30 markings
-Limit of 12 Mutations
-Limit of 12 Abilities
-More Abilities, Mutations and Markings can be added using Applicators. Only Legendaries will add fault codes and a starter if the one allowable Legendary is already used.
-Up to 3  common genes, 2 uncommon genes and 1 rare gene can be made Dominant. 
-Can be ANY Breed or Crossbreed
-Can use ANY Physical traits
-Comes with any cosmetic items you would like to add, even a Custom Base Token to be used on your full custom. Meaning you can draw it yourself or have somebody else draws it. (These rules are WIP, however; and this feature is not ready yet. The fact that it is a full custom will be noted in the geno's description for records so this can be upgraded to a custom base done by you or another artist you commissioned once that is done)
-They will get their own set of unique Fault Codes UNLESS extra Legendaries are added.

Payment Plans are absolutely allowed! 25% should be paid up front, and the rest can be discussed. Note that if you change your mind, you won't receive a refund, HOWEVER, you will get Arcanium for the amount paid. If you want to start the payment plan back up, it WILL be allowed, and the Arcanium will simply go back into the purchase if you haven't spent it already! If you have, however, you will have to start a new purchase.

Character Transfer Tokens

Limit of 3 per user per sale

Have a beloved OC you would like to see in Drakiri's playground? Buy an adoptable that you wish could be in an ARPG? Did you sink time and money into an ARPG, only for it to shut down and leave you high and dry? Did you leave an ARPG for some reason or other, but really miss that special Import that meant so much to you over time, and dread starting all over again in a new ARPG?  Do you want to explore other versions of your ARPG character for paralell universe shennanigans? Then this is the place for you! For drastically reduced prices, far cheaper than a Semicustom, you can transfer your character in to the big sandbox that is Drakiri-ARPG! If they have art done of them, this gets counted towards MP, and if they had breeding rites completed for the ARPG they came from, they will have breeding rites active here, too!


  • You must own the character and have proof that you own them. You must have owned this character for at least three months.
  • They should resemble the character being transferred, to remain recognizable, however you are allowed to add on rewards you would have gotten from the other RPG, and you may add applicators, mutagens, and ability potions.
  • If the character is a human/humanoid, you are fully allowed to make this their humanoid form, with just a few things added to make them recognizeable as Drakiri. The rule of having a ref of their humanoid form still apply.
  • If they are an ARPG import, the original can absolutely still remain yours, and still be in use. Art done of the original will not count towards their Drakiri form after the date of their transfer, but everything from before will be transferred over. In fact, there will be an MP bonus  (+2 MP) if both versions of the character are depicted together!
  • This can not be used for genos! Same rules as Imports. This should be for genos from ARPG's that are dead, or ARPG's you have already left. You must own the geno. While it can not be enforced, it is preferred that you do not sell or use the geno in the ARPG it came from if it's one you left.
  • If transferring an existing import, we ask that you keep true to the original so they are recognizable, but encourage changes to make the character closer to your dream of what they could be, and make them fit into the Drakiri genetics better. If these changes fall under the price of the transfer token, then you don't have to upgrade it to add things!
  • You may not sell or trade the transferred Import or Geno for at least 3 months. You may gift it, though, and you may purchase tokens/transfers for your friends!



The base price is for any common or common/common crossbreed
Genes count for Markings, Mutations and Abilities.
Mutations are either rare (Normal and Magic) or Legendary (Legendary Mutations)

Transfer Tokens

$8 - Common Geno Transfer Token: Common Base Coat (Cream, Fawn) and up to 5 Common Markings, Common physical traits.

$11 - Uncommon Geno Transfer Token: Uncommon Base coat (Gold or Chestnut), up to 5 markings, common to uncommon, Common to Uncommon physical Traits. 

$16 - Rare Geno Transfer Token: Rare Base Coat (Black) OR Modified Common-Uncommon Base Coat (1 Modifier, a second one requires a Genobomb Upgrade), up to 5 genes Common to Rare, Common-Rare traits, 2 rare gene limit. (A magic or normal mutation counts as a rare trait)

$20 - Legendary Geno Transfer Token: Common to Rare Basecoat with 2 modifiers allowed, 5 genes, alongside a legendary gene.
(Wings are optional if your original character had wings. Their Drakiri form does not need them unless you want them to have them!)  


Genobomb Upgrades

+$10 Genobomb Upgrade
4 common genes, 3 uncommon genes, 2 rare genes, or 2 normal/magic mutations. The rare rare gene can cover another color mod, though the limit is 3. 

+$20 Legendary Genobomb Upgrade
1 Legendary Gene and 4 common genes, 3 uncommon genes or 2 rare genes or normal/magic mutations

Breed Upgrades

+$8 Uncommon Build Upgrade (Primal, Q'lin, Komakha)
+$12 Rare build upgrade (Dracus, Kelpie, Nightmare)
+$10 For an Uncommon Cross Upgrade (Common/Uncommon or Uncommon/Uncommon Crossbreeds. Common/Common crosses count under the base price)
+$15 for a Rare Cross Upgrade (Any crossbreed involving a rare breed)



This is, and never was, meant to be "Member Poaching" in any way, whatsoever. Any accusations otherwise will, from henceforth, be ignored. Transferring Imports from another ARPG is completely optional, and is aimed mostly at ARPG's that shut down, died, or people who have actually already left the other group. This journal is not being officially advertised, and is aimed, entirely, at people who are already Drakiri members.

Show your Pride event!

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With June here, it is time for Drakiri of all shapes, sizes and colors to show their pride in who they are, or show their support for their friends and family!

As we all know, Drakiri is an incredibly LGBTQ+ positive ARPG, with sexuality and gender identity encouraged and supported, and every June we have an event!

The Show your Pride event won't end in June, however, it will go through July as well!

For this event, any artwork or writing you do about your character showing their pride or support will be eligible to get a special loot box with a special currency called Pride Points. There is a claim to get this loot box, called the Show your Pride Event. It will give you between 10 and 30 Pride Points, which will be used in a special shop called the Pride Shop.

The Pride Shop currently has a new marking called Pride Flag!

You can find more on Pride Flag here: Pride Flag Marking Information

You can also get the Pride ability, and even work towards the Legendary Marking Spectrum or a Chroma coat mod bundle!

Coming soon, will be Pride Flag frames as well!

Have fun!


Event Name: Show your Pride
Event Description: Drakiri showing their pride, or supporting their friends in the LGBTQ+ Community. Any art or writing with LGBTQ+ themes count for this event, from a character simply holding a flag to in depth looks at the character as they go on their personal journey. Of course, straight/cis Drakiri can show their support as well!
Event Requirements: A fullbody flat colored drawing with a simple background or 800 words written
Claim to Use when Submitting: Show your Pride Event

Drakiri URL:
Drakiri Name:
(Repeat for each Drakiri shown)
Drawing/Artwork URL:
Other Info: Anything extra information you feel is needed

Limit of 5 Draks per work. Staff will add the loot table to the rewards when the claim is processed.

May Updates

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We've gotten some pretty big updates lined up for May!

Due to how many MP bonuses there are, levelling ended up becoming very imbalanced, allowing you to climb to end game levels pretty quickly! It was to the point where I was having to nerf a lot of the bonuses, and I didn't like that. 

As such, levels have been updated!

Level 1 is now 100 MP, BUT!!!! You still get auto levelled if you complete all 3 Rites of Passage! (Formerly 80)

Level 2 is now 200, about double what it takes to get to Level 1 (Formerly 160)

Level 3 is now 350, just a bit less than half what it takes to get to Level 2 (Formerly 300)

Level 4 is now 600, just a bit less than doubling what it takes to get to Level 3 (Formerly 450)

Level 5 is now 900, a bit less than doubling what it takes to get to level 4 (Formerly 700)

The Specialty Levels have changed too, but not as much!

Grandmaster (Level 6 for rolling purposes) is 1300 (Instead of 1200)

Elder (Level 7 for rolling purposes) is still 1800

Ancient is still 3000 Once trophies are added in, a to be decided amount of MP past Ancient will get you a trophy that will come with a lil' item pack with a note next to the Ancient level! The change isn't TOO much! What does this mean for you? Well, if your Drakiri is already levelled, you can file a claim to fill in the missing MP for that level, but if they are not levelled yet, you'll need to use the new MP counts for future levelling. The change isn't drastic, but I hope this balances things a bit better without creating an endless grind!

With this being said!!! A lot of the bonus nerfs have been lifted making bonuses more worth it and making this have not too much effect for those who wanna put the work in!

From the Guide:

  • Starter: +3 per Starter (Stack with eachother and with Unowned Drakiri)
  • Unowned Drakiri: +1 (Stacks up to 5 and with the Starter bonus)
  • Other Species: +1 (This can be from another ARPG, or another person's species, or your own species. Real animals don't count for this. Up to 4 of these can stack!)
  • Non-Commissioned: +1 (This art was not commissioned. Either you received it as a gift, or you drew it yourself)
  • Collaberation or RP: +2
  • Master Drakiri: +2 (Stacks with Unowned and Starter bonus and stacks with eachother)
  • Activities/Prompts: +2
  • Accurate Sky: +2 (Sky Reference link coming soon!)
  • Companion: +2 (Some Companion items will have some minor MP bonuses both for the Drakiri that is bonded to the companion and Drakiri depicted with the one bonded to the companion)
  • Leadership Ability: +3 (Stacks with Drakiri that have Leadership)
  • Depicted with a Grandmaster Drakiri: +4 MP Bonus (This is instead of the Master bonus)
  • Depicted with an Elder Drakiri: +6 MP Bonus (This is isntead of the Master and/or Grandmaster Bonus)
  • Depicted with an Ancient Drakiri: +8 MP Bonus (This is instead of the Master/Grandmaster/Elder bonus)
  • Master/Apprentice Bonus: When a Drakiri takes an Apprentice, they get a special bonus when depicted together. +3 MP goes to the Master AND the Apprentice! Do not confuse this with the Level 5 bonus. This stacks with the Level 5 bonus/any other bonus)

Read more here! Mana Points Guide


Additionally, applicators/mutagens/ability potions now have a limit for how many can be added to a single Drakiri.

Starting now, there are limits to how many total genes can be added to a Drakiri. This is genes added on to the base geno!

Carried genes brought out do not count towards this limit, only applicators/ability potions/Mutagens added on. In addition, abilities earned through levelling up or completing Rites also don't count towards this cap. This will all be tracked in the Drakiri's description. (Found in the tab next to their Lineage on their Import page)

If you already have your Drakiri in for the update before this announcement, it will still go through just fine!

The limits are as follows:

  • Common Markings: Up to 10 common markings can be added
  • Common Abilities: Up to 8 common abilities can be added (This only counts for abilities added from ability potions, not earned from levelling or Rites)
  • Uncommon Markings: Up to 8 Uncommon markings can be added on
  • Uncommon Abilities: Up to 6 uncommon abilities can be added on (This only counts for abilities added from ability potions, not earned from levelling or Rites)
  • Rare markings: Up to 5 rare markings can be added on
  • Rare Abilities: Up to 5 rare abilities can be added on (This only counts for abilities added from ability potions, not earned from levelling or Rites)
  • Mutations: Up to 4 Mutations can be added, with an additional 5 Magic Mutations
  • Legendary Markings: Up to 2 can be added
  • Legendary Mutations: Up to 2 can be added
  • Legendary Abilities: Up to 2 can be added
  • Coat Mods: Up to two of those can be added UNLESS you are using a Coat Modifier Bundle, then the Bundle counts as one. 


There is a new item called "Gene Cap Reset"

This can be gotten for 95 Gratitude Tokens in the Gratitude Token shop, and can be used once per Drakiri! (This will be added as a "trait"  when used and will effectively double the limit (So 20 common markings instead of 10, for example)


Finally, our last update, rather small!

Artless Activities will now always give 3-16 MP to your Drakiri Normal Activities now have a 5% chance to bring in 3-16 extra MP for your Drakiri!

April Updates

Posted 2 years ago :: Last edited 2 years ago by Artha-Demon

With april, comes a few special events about a certain Error that comes to play in the world of Galabastarin! A Drakiri that exists, but shouldn't. Doesn't exist... but somehow seems to. 

The one and only... Error-404!


This is the only time of year that you can get special Ultra Wildcards, which is what is generated and bred with your Drakiri when you procure a slot! This is also the only time of year that you can get an Error 404 slot!

There is a way to get one for free... Draw your Drakiri encountering the Error. How you depect this eldritchy glitched Errored Drakiri is entirely up to you, since it is never the same in any given moment! You will get a full Error 404 slot in return! You can purchase more from the sale, both for Arcanium, and for USD!

There will be another way to get a slot, announced in the Discord, so make sure you stay active and keep an eye out so you don't miss out! If you acquire two Error-404 slots, you can breed them with eachother.

In other news, we have had a lot of developement done!

1 - The activity reward system has been entirely overhauled to be much more fair for everybody! You'll be getting more and better rewards, and the stats actually help this even more!

2 - We have some new abilities! Bard, which currently acts like Promiscuous, but breeds with a randomly generated geno but will have more effects in battles! Adventurous, which gives bonuses to Dungeon Crawling and Rifting.

3 - Artless activities have gotten a pretty nice buff!

4 - Some clarification on the specialty levels has been added! They are now called Grandmaster (6), Elder (7) and Ancient (8). Also clarifying that these specialty levels are not actually official proper levels and do not give as much of a boost as the first five levels, as Level 5 is the endgame for Drakiri with the specialty levels just giving another special reward

5 - For every 1000 MP after Ancient, there will be a special little item pack as a thank you for your time and dedication!

6 - Charisma now boosts Aurics gained in activities! Each 1 Charisma stat point gives a 2% boost

7 - A new item is available for sale throughout this month, called "Go Fuck Yourself"! This allows a Drakiri to be bred fully with themself. If you do not own the Drakiri, you will need to use a slot, and you will need two slots to use them on eachother, and will need the permission of the Drakiri's owner. 

8 - Lengendary Blood has been edited and balanced. It now has an effect on all marking rarities, and won't make legendaries pass like candy anymore. Legendaries will be special and rare again!

9 - We should have recipe categories soon, so that crafting, magic, alchemy, and cooking can get groundwork added!

10 - And finally, working on adding an update to allow trophies and awards!


And finally finally... Drakiri is gonna be getting much more and much faster improvements now that I have good, steady money to pay coders! We are screaming closer and closer to completion, rejoice!!!!! 


Current Events

Encountering the Error

Requirements: A drawing or written piece of your Drakiri encountering the Error. Should be flat colored with at least a simple background, fullbody or almost fullbody. (However you can get creative with the angles and composition without worry!) If written, it should be 1000+ words, +150 words per Drakiri added for doing multiple Draks for Error genos.
Special Notes: You may only get a single full slot to the Error with this event. You can, however, do art for other players, though they will need to redeem it for their full slot.  You can, however, do this event again for a single geno breeding between the Drakiri depicted and the Error for a single geno as many times as you can draw it in the month! Unlike the full slot, this won't be able to use any items, but will be effected by abilities outside of litter increasing abilities. It will only ever be a single geno, since this can't be split. If you have a slot to the Drakiri, you may use that, but it will use your slot; otherwise, you will need to use your own. No more than three Drakiri can be depicted in this event Image and get the rewards.
Claim to Use: Activities and Events if you are getting the Error 404 slot.  If getting a geno use the Error 404 Geno Event Claim

Drakiri URL:
Drakiri Name:
Artwork/Writing URL:
Reward: (Are you getting the full slot, or are you getting the single geno? Note that you can only get the full slot once.)

Update - Major Changes to Bantams!

Posted 2 years ago :: Last edited 2 years ago by Artha-Demon

Bantam as a gene has been entirely discontinued, and it is no longer a genetic thing, and is now a completely free lore trait that can be added on to ANY Drakiri! The Bantam "trait" will not require the Bantam base to be used, and it can simply be used just to say your Drakiri is a bit small for their breed!

The Bantam bases are now an alternate base that is free to use on any Drakiri that has the Bantam variant base. Currently, just the purebreeds have the Bantam variant, but there will be alternate bases for some the Crossbreeds added over time, though none will be an official "Bantam" variant. The Bantam bases will NOT require Bantam in the traits, and Bantam as a "trait" will not require the use of the Bantam bases! It's now just a completely free lore trait you can add to any Drakiri (Or take off of any Drakiri) at will!

The "Trait" you can pick for a Bantam is now just a little something you can add if you want to. This will not have any Gameplay effect, and will simply just mean your Drakiri is smaller than usually expected for their breed. It is entirely a lore trait! The breeding roller, however, still has the "Is Bantam?" trait there! The Drakiri will be rolled as normal unless otherwise specified. If you want it bred as if they are Bantam, just specify this in "Breeding Specifications" in the breeding form.

If you have a Bantam mutagen, or paid to have Bantam added to your Drakiri in the past, you can request a Universal Crossbreed Token in its place! Use the "Other" claim for this with any information you have.

If you purchased a Shrinking Potion (Before it was discontinued) you can get your Aurics back for it! They were 1000 Aurics apiece, so for every one you bought, use the "Other" claim to get an Auric refund!

Have fun!!!

Lots of Updates, and Drakiri Dating Game Event!

Posted 2 years ago :: Last edited 2 years ago by Artha-Demon

With February upon us, we have a new and fun event planned! 

But first, let's get a run down of what happened this month.

  • Activities opened up! (This was announced before so see the previous announcement for more information)

  • As many of you might have noticed, Trait Autofill!!!! When you submit a Drakiri, everything is already there and you just change the traits that need to be changed (The Drakiri's sex to whatever it is, the physical traits, health) and copy paste their information and add their species, subtype, and any other information that isn't automatic. 

  • Character Folders! These are a bit convoluted to get to, and I am planning an improvement to this system. To view your folders, go to your profile, and click "Characters" from your Profile. You can find your folders there, and click on the name to navigate to that folder. You can copy the link to other players as well, very useful for sorting your characters!

  • You can now name your genos! This is useful for people who wanna sort them or find certain ones with ease!

  • The possible amount of Aurics for activities has gotten a significant increase instead of the pathetic numbers it was bringing up before (They were came up with before there were a lot of high cost items added to the shops), Meaning the higher level your Drakiri is, the more aurics you can get. While the minimum amount caps out at 2000, a level 8 Drakiri can bring you up to 8000 for an activity if you are lucky!

  • Error 404 slot litter size has been nerfed! When breeding to the Error itself, the litter size will be 1-2 genos, HOWEVER, Double Uterus, litter size increasing items, and litter size increasing traits will still work! This is only for directly breeding with Error 404, however! Any of its children will not be effected by this change. This is only when breeding to the Error itself. 

  • More on the Glitch mutation, it is now optional to render on the Import, but now also has a 50/50 the chance to randomly generate 2-5 extra genes! These include Specialty genes (Holiday ones) and magic mutations! The closer related to the Error a Drakiri is, the more likely they are to pass on glitch. Once the Error drops out of the lineage, Glitch's passrate becomes the same as a Legendary mutation.

With all this said, you will notice there being stats in the genos that are being submitted. This is because our Combat roller is in progress and being worked on, and stats are now able to be used on activities! 

Each level has assignable stat points! Level 0 has them balanced out by default, but you are absolutely allowed to modify this! They are split between Combat Stats and Non-Combat stats!
Combat stats will effect Combat once that roller is complete. 
None-Combat stats will effect activities!

Here is the breakdown (This will be edited into its own guide, and added under Levels,  since Levels guide is currently outdated)


Combat Stats

Level 0: Each stat has 7 stat points assigned to it with an additional 18 able to be spread across them. No one stat may be over 15 points strong. For an even spread, 10 can be added to each individual stat.

(60 total stat points to spread across 6 stats)

Levels 1:  24 stat points to spread across the combat stats. No more than 6 may be added to any one stat. For an even spread, 4 can be added to each stat.

Level 2:  24 stat points to spread across the combat stats. No more than 6 may be added to any one stat. For an even spread, 4 can be added to each stat.

Level 3:  24 stat points to spread across the combat stats. No more than 6 may be added to any one stat. For an even spread, 4 can be added to each stat.

Level 4:  24 stat points to spread across the combat stats. No more than 6 may be added to any one stat. For an even spread, 4 can be added to each stat.

Level 5:  24 stat points to spread across the combat stats. No more than 50 total stat points can be in any one stat. For an even spread, 4 can be added to each stat.

Non-Combat Stats

At Level 0, all Drakiri start with 9 stat points to spread across the 3 non combat stats. No more than 6 can be placed in one individual stat. For an even spread, 3 can be placed in each. (This is added in the Autofill by default!

Level 1: 12 additional stat points to spread across your non combat stats. No more than 6 can be placed in one individual stat. For an even spread, 4 can be added to each stat.

Level 2: 12 additional stat points to spread across your non combat stats. No more than 6 can be placed in one individual stat. For an even spread, 4 can be added to each stat.

Level 3: 12 additional stat points to spread across your non combat stats. No more than 6 can be placed in one individual stat. For an even spread, 4 can be added to each stat.

Level 4: 12 additional stat points to spread across your non combat stats. No more than 6 can be placed in one individual stat. For an even spread, 4 can be added to each stat.

Level 5: 12 additional stat points to spread across your non combat stats. No single combat stat can be over 36 stat points, giving a cap of a 12% boost to items found, rarity of items, or inventory weight for your companion (WIP, still being worked on). For an even spread, 4 can be added to each stat.

The total cap can be bypassed by a small amount with items, gear, spells, abilities, and other stat boosters


With all this being said, do you want some extra Aurics? Update your Imports with their stats!

There will be a couple steps with this!

Step 1 - Go to your Import Page
Step 2 - Go to the Frames tab 
Step 3 - View Cropped Character Without Frame
Step 4 - Open Image in New Tab
Step 5 - Save
*Note that if your Import is older, from DeviantArt, you will need to use the "Information Updates" claim to have a staff member get your full sized import off of DeviantArt and update the image for you, and then you can do the rest of the steps normally.
Step 6 - Under Settings, find "Update Design" 
Step 7 - Add each of the stats in the order shown below, and add in the number of them you want (You can just give an even spread to all of them if you'd prefer that!)
Step 8 - Submit Request!
Step 9 - Once accepted, submit the claim entitled "Redeem Aurics" and add 1000 Aurics as a reward for each of your Drakiri you have updated the stats on! Make sure you add the URL for each Drakiri you updated!

They should appear in the following order


Non Combat

You can see more information here, this will also give you a breakdown on what the combat system will offer once it is complete!

The other events are now finished, but you have 7 days to finish up your entries.

And finally, we have the Drakiri Dating Game Event, for February!

Current Events


Drakiri dating game

This one is a lot of fun! And has some special things attached. 

Depict your Drakiri as if they are in a frame of a dating sim! You can add writing, game tiers, all sorts of fun stuff!
This should have at least a simple background, and at least halfbody, flat colored. This is meant to be lots of fun!

For Writing, you can write something fun and silly as if your Drakiri is part of a dating sim game! Describe the setting, describe their personality, or even write something as if they are making a video introduction for one of those dating shows.
This should total at least 500 words

At the end of the event, each entry will be rolled in a RNG "tournament" of sorts and the owner of the final two that make it to the end will each get a Full Rites Voucher to be applied to any Drakiri they own!

Start Time: February 1st
End Time: February 28th
Grace Period: 7 days after the 28th to finish up your entries, however any after the 28th won't be eligible for the "Tournament"

Art Requirement: Flatcolored halfbody, simple background
If doing Literature: 500 words, should describe something as if the Drakiri is in a dating game, or part of a dating sim, or playing a dating sim.

-A pack with both of the Valentines special genes! 
Hearts (Rare Marking) (Hrt) - Marking, Creates hearts on the Drakiri, red or pink, or natural colors, unless glimmered
Cupid (Specialty Mutation) (Cpd) - Creates  hearts floating all around the Drakiri, almost as if orbiting them
1000 Aurics on top of the amount you get from doing the art

Activities are officially OPEN!

Posted 2 years ago :: Last edited 2 years ago by Artha-Demon

Exciting news, guys! Activities are now open, and you can start sending your Drakiri out to gather items and currency! Pardeon the dust while we test, and don't mind any delays! The system was just completed, and we gotta figure out how it works and work through any kinks we may have in the process.

Magic, Crafting, and Companions are still all WIP, but the Companion system is coming soon, and will then be added in to activities and combat once complete.

Magic is going to be using the crafting system, and I am waiting to see if there is a way to have recipe categories, before inputting all the recipes. It's waiting on the recipes at the moment, and how that will be formatted is up the air for now.

Want more information on activities? Check it out here!!!

In other news, the Combat roller is officially paid in full! ETA for completion is not yet known, but it is paid in FULL!

We have our Biweekly sale going still, check it out here

Happy New Years guys! We have some exciting updates for you!

Posted 2 years ago :: Last edited 2 years ago by Artha-Demon

The staff team and I have been behind the scenes working hard to make Drakiri as good as we can make it! We have some exciting updates for y'all, as well as a a new event and a couple extensions! Happy new years for all of you, and let's hope 2022 is a better year than 2021!

  • The long awaited Activity Roller is almost complete! A few little bits and bobs are still being done, but it's almost ready to use! Abilities and Level will effect the outcomes, meaning that there will soon be lots of things to do! As such, guides and explanations for the different activities will be coming soon! There's a bit of code clean up (And some abilities that need to be added) before it's ready, but we're getting there!
  • Got some little updates to the breeding roller to make testing easier, though these are all pretty minor. The link to the breeding claim will now be included in the breeding comment to keep track, so we can look at the breeding permissions added to see if it was a gifted slot or not when redeeming gratitude tokens for a gifted slot throwing a Legendary gene!
  • A major quality of life improvement was finisshed! The update I am sure you are ALL going to be super excited for (That was requested SO MUCH), autofill in the traits field when submitting a Drakiri design for approval! Under traits, you will see a field entitled "Autofill from Genotype"where you paste your Drakiri's genotype! This is the string of letters and numbers (IE cc/GG/bb/nEry/nMsk/nDpl) This will automatically fill all the physical traits from the genotype! (This will be the coat color, the markings, abilities, and mutations). Meaning that getting your Drakiri's traits put in just got a whole lot easier! You will still need to add their Level, Magic Path, Sex, Health, Phenotype, Genotype and Carries fields and fill them in from your geno, as well as their Mane, Tail, Ears and Horns types and any items or non-heritable mutations. You will also need to put the component color modifiers (For example, you have a Lilac Black, you will need to add Erythrism and Sapphire). This makes dealing with genobombs, and adding traits in general, so much easier!
  • Note that older genos with the wrong codes will not do anything when you paste the geno and Submit. If you hit submit and nothing happens, this means one of your geno codes isn't right (Or is old and oudated) At this point, you may want to go to the Discord, find the genostring-help channel, and have somebody help you figure out what geno code is doing it. If you are familiar with genostrings, I suggest having a doc or notes to edit your genotype before pasting it in to make this easier on you!
  • We have a new item!

    • Advanced Breeding Voucher - This item allows you to unlock another breeding slot to be used for that month. Up to two can be used per month. This allows you to use one of the two breeding slots unlocked through art without needing to do art. Unlike the normal breeding voucher, the Advanced Breeding Voucher can not be used to breed non-rited Drakiri; you would need both the Advanced Breeding Voucher and the Breeding Voucher to use unrited Drakiri for an extra slot.
  • Family Bonding event extended until January 5th. You can see December's news post for more information on Family Bonding.
  • The Gift One Get One sale (The Holiday Sale) has been extended until the 8th. You may place items on hold if you are waiting on a pay day, or won't have the money yet, so no worries!



Current Events


Feel the Magic

Depict your Drakiri experiencing something magical! This can be their first time trying a new spell, seeing some natural magic, studying... anything related to magic.

Claim to Use: Activities and Events
Add to your rewards the respective Magic Mutagen loot table/s. (Either all, or from one of the magic paths (Celestial, Eldritch, Order, Entropy. Air, Earth, Fire, Water)

Start Time: January 1st
End Time: January 31'st
Grace Period: 2 weeks, as long as you've started your entry

Art Requirement: Flatcolored fullbody, simple background
If doing Literature: 800 words, +200 per Drakiri included in the story.  A Drakiri should be a main character in the story for it to count.

A random magic mutagen, either entirely random, or picked from a specific magic path. You get 1 per Drakiri that you own depicted in the art or writing. A max of 4 Drakiri can get the reward in a single piece.



Slice of Life Challenge: Reborn

Claim to Use: Activities and Events

Start Time: Currently Going
End Time: February 1st (Was extended by a month!)
Grace Period: 2 weeks, as long as you've started your entry.


Depict your Drakiri going through their everyday life. Where do they work? How do they make a living? What are their hobbies? What do they do to pass the time? Up to 3 Drakiri can be depicted together, and you get a reward for each Drakiri depicted in your piece.

Art: Flatcolored fullbody, simple background
Writing: 800 words, +200 words per Drakiri included in the story. A Drakiri must be mentioned fluidly throughout the writing for them to count


2500 Aurics per Drakiri depicted
A Universal Crossbreed token, a Q'lin breed changer, a Sprite breed changer, or a Primal breed changer per Drakiri depicted

List the prizes as the rewards (One per Drakiri, up to three applicable) in your prompt once submitted.


Draw the Squad/Meme Event

Claim to Use: Activities and Events

Start Time: Currently Going
End Time: February 1st
Grace Period: 

Have fun memeing! Draw your Drakiri enacting a popular meme, or engaging in a "Draw the Squad" activity! This means they can appear to mimic various screenshots or memes. This is meant just for fun.

Art: Halfbody, Flatcolored, Background Optiona; can be cartoony
Writing: 500 Words of your Drakiri goofing off and generally being memey

5000 Aurics
Crossbreed Token