Hiatus and a MUCH NEEDED Restructuring/Improvement

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Drakiri is going into a Hiatus!

All queues are being closed down, including design approval, breeding, activities, everything.

Note that this is NOT permanent! Drakiri is NOT! shutting down!

There is no ETA for how long it will take, HOWEVER, this is so we can focus on actually going in and fixing all of the issues that have been weighing us down for ages.

Some of the things on the table first are

-Rebalancing Activity rewards
-Rebalancing breeding
-Enacting Breeding Limits
-Setting up crafting recipes
-Setting up magic spells
The bug was fixed for ages, but I never had the energy to do it
-Finish up the Zarkantas being brought in and added to the site so there can be a proper event introducing them, and so folks who have been so patient don't have to keep waiting

Additionally, the combat system, level and stats, and some other systems are actually next up on the coder's projects. So there may be some testing reopening of the queues during that time.

All current queues will be worked through whenever we have the time and energy to do it.

Some other stuff being done during this downtime includes

-Bringing all the lore and worldbuilding together, making things much more clear
-Improve Navigation and information, make things less scattered and confusing
-Making a proper map
-Making proper regions
-Reworking the activity prompts to make them much more engaging and fun
-Consolidating the worldbuilding into one place, creating a wiki with information
-Reworking the design guide
-making final, clear, consistent set of design rules, while still keeping the creative freedom we all know and love
-Outline some more rules on marking interactions
-Looking at markings, seeing if any need to be brought back from being combined
-Complete overhaul of the starters and starter system
-Fix up problems in bases, layering issues, glaring anatomy issues, there's some various "bugs" over time that have built up that I have not seen or have but never got around to fixing. Will have a channel set up to report these issues, with a form so that it's easy for me to go through and fix them without getting overwhelmed and lost
-Actually get item art, either commissioned or licensed from a paid vector stock site, then uploaded so items have art



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