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Have a beloved OC you would like to see in Drakiri's playground? Buy an adoptable that you wish could be in an ARPG? Did you sink time and money into an ARPG, only for it to shut down and leave you high and dry? Did you leave an ARPG for some reason or other, but really miss that special Import that meant so much to you over time, and dread starting all over again in a new ARPG?  Do you want to explore other versions of your ARPG character for paralell universe shennanigans? Then this is the place for you! For drastically reduced prices, far cheaper than a Semicustom, you can transfer your character in to the big sandbox that is Drakiri-ARPG! If they have art done of them, this gets counted towards MP, and if they had breeding rites completed for the ARPG they came from, they will have breeding rites active here, too!

Interested? Reply here, or DM me on Discord (ArthaDemon#6123) - Arcanium accepted!


  • You must have owned the character for at least three months. A written blurb or description counts!
  • Two per Member per Month (IF you do have more you would like to transfer, you can talk to me privately and we can work something out, as this is meant to avoid abuse of this feature)
  • They should resemble the character being transferred, to remain recognizable
  • If the character is a human/humanoid, you are fully allowed to make this their humanoid form, with just a few things added to make them recognizeable as Drakiri. The rule of having a ref of their humanoid form still apply.
  • If they are an ARPG import, the original can absolutely still remain yours, and still be in use. Art done of the original will not count towards their Drakiri form after the date of their transfer, but everything from before will be transferred over. In fact, there will be an MP bonus  (+2 MP) if both versions of the character are depicted together!
  • This can not be used for Genos, only Imports. You must have owned said Import for at least three months.
  • If transferring an existing import, we ask that you keep true to the original so they are recognizable, but encourage changes to make the character closer to your dream of what they could be, and make them fit into the Drakiri genetics better. If these changes fall under the price of the transfer token, then you don't have to upgrade it to add things!
  • You may not sell or trade the transferred Import or Geno for at least 3 months. You may gift it, though, and you may purchase tokens/transfers for your friends!


$8 - Common Geno Transfer Token: Common Base Coat (Cream, Fawn) and up to 5 Common Markings, Common physical traits.

$11 - Uncommon Geno Transfer Token: Uncommon Base coat (Gold or Chestnut), up to 5 markings, common to uncommon, Common to Uncommon physical Traits

$16 - Rare Geno Transfer Token: Rare Base Coat (Black) OR Modified Common-Uncommon Base Coat (1 Modifier, a second one requires a Genobomb Upgrade), up to 5 markings Common to Rare, Common-Rare traits, 2 rare marking limit

$20 - Legendary Geno Transfer Token: Common to Rare Basecoat with 2 modifiers allowed, 5 markings, alongside a legendary mark or a legendary mutation (Wings are optional if your original character had wings. Their Drakiri form does not need them unless you want them to have them!)  

+$10 Genobomb Upgradeper 4 common marks, 2=3 uncommon marks, 2 rare mark, or 2 normal/magic mutations. The rare mark can cover another color mod, though the limit is 3. Legendaries would require a second Legendary token if more than one legendary thing is required. 

+8 Uncommon Build Upgrade (Primal, Q'lin, Komakha)
+12 Rare build upgrade (Dracus, Kelpie, Nightmare)
+$5 for common cross upgrade, +$10 for uncommon cross upgrade, +$15 for rare cross upgrade (The crossbreed tier has to do with the rarest build in the cross, a Mutt would count as an uncommon upgrade for the pricing.  The rare tier can cross with any build, the uncommon tier can only cross with commons and uncommons.)

DISCLAIMER:: THIS IS IN NO WAY MEANT TO TAKE MEMBERS FROM OTHER ARPGs. This is, and never was, meant to be "Member Poaching" in any way, whatsoever. Any accusations otherwise will, from henceforth, be ignored. Transferring Imports from another ARPG is completely optional, and is aimed mostly at ARPG's that shut down, died, or people who have actually already left the other group. This journal is not being officially advertised, and is aimed, entirely, at people who are already Drakiri members.



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