Activities are officially OPEN!

Posted 2 years ago :: Last edited 2 years ago by Artha-Demon

Exciting news, guys! Activities are now open, and you can start sending your Drakiri out to gather items and currency! Pardeon the dust while we test, and don't mind any delays! The system was just completed, and we gotta figure out how it works and work through any kinks we may have in the process.

Magic, Crafting, and Companions are still all WIP, but the Companion system is coming soon, and will then be added in to activities and combat once complete.

Magic is going to be using the crafting system, and I am waiting to see if there is a way to have recipe categories, before inputting all the recipes. It's waiting on the recipes at the moment, and how that will be formatted is up the air for now.

Want more information on activities? Check it out here!!!

In other news, the Combat roller is officially paid in full! ETA for completion is not yet known, but it is paid in FULL!

We have our Biweekly sale going still, check it out here



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