Happy New Years guys! We have some exciting updates for you!

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The staff team and I have been behind the scenes working hard to make Drakiri as good as we can make it! We have some exciting updates for y'all, as well as a a new event and a couple extensions! Happy new years for all of you, and let's hope 2022 is a better year than 2021!

  • The long awaited Activity Roller is almost complete! A few little bits and bobs are still being done, but it's almost ready to use! Abilities and Level will effect the outcomes, meaning that there will soon be lots of things to do! As such, guides and explanations for the different activities will be coming soon! There's a bit of code clean up (And some abilities that need to be added) before it's ready, but we're getting there!
  • Got some little updates to the breeding roller to make testing easier, though these are all pretty minor. The link to the breeding claim will now be included in the breeding comment to keep track, so we can look at the breeding permissions added to see if it was a gifted slot or not when redeeming gratitude tokens for a gifted slot throwing a Legendary gene!
  • A major quality of life improvement was finisshed! The update I am sure you are ALL going to be super excited for (That was requested SO MUCH), autofill in the traits field when submitting a Drakiri design for approval! Under traits, you will see a field entitled "Autofill from Genotype"where you paste your Drakiri's genotype! This is the string of letters and numbers (IE cc/GG/bb/nEry/nMsk/nDpl) This will automatically fill all the physical traits from the genotype! (This will be the coat color, the markings, abilities, and mutations). Meaning that getting your Drakiri's traits put in just got a whole lot easier! You will still need to add their Level, Magic Path, Sex, Health, Phenotype, Genotype and Carries fields and fill them in from your geno, as well as their Mane, Tail, Ears and Horns types and any items or non-heritable mutations. You will also need to put the component color modifiers (For example, you have a Lilac Black, you will need to add Erythrism and Sapphire). This makes dealing with genobombs, and adding traits in general, so much easier!
  • Note that older genos with the wrong codes will not do anything when you paste the geno and Submit. If you hit submit and nothing happens, this means one of your geno codes isn't right (Or is old and oudated) At this point, you may want to go to the Discord, find the genostring-help channel, and have somebody help you figure out what geno code is doing it. If you are familiar with genostrings, I suggest having a doc or notes to edit your genotype before pasting it in to make this easier on you!
  • We have a new item!

    • Advanced Breeding Voucher - This item allows you to unlock another breeding slot to be used for that month. Up to two can be used per month. This allows you to use one of the two breeding slots unlocked through art without needing to do art. Unlike the normal breeding voucher, the Advanced Breeding Voucher can not be used to breed non-rited Drakiri; you would need both the Advanced Breeding Voucher and the Breeding Voucher to use unrited Drakiri for an extra slot.
  • Family Bonding event extended until January 5th. You can see December's news post for more information on Family Bonding.
  • The Gift One Get One sale (The Holiday Sale) has been extended until the 8th. You may place items on hold if you are waiting on a pay day, or won't have the money yet, so no worries!



Current Events


Feel the Magic

Depict your Drakiri experiencing something magical! This can be their first time trying a new spell, seeing some natural magic, studying... anything related to magic.

Claim to Use: Activities and Events
Add to your rewards the respective Magic Mutagen loot table/s. (Either all, or from one of the magic paths (Celestial, Eldritch, Order, Entropy. Air, Earth, Fire, Water)

Start Time: January 1st
End Time: January 31'st
Grace Period: 2 weeks, as long as you've started your entry

Art Requirement: Flatcolored fullbody, simple background
If doing Literature: 800 words, +200 per Drakiri included in the story.  A Drakiri should be a main character in the story for it to count.

A random magic mutagen, either entirely random, or picked from a specific magic path. You get 1 per Drakiri that you own depicted in the art or writing. A max of 4 Drakiri can get the reward in a single piece.



Slice of Life Challenge: Reborn

Claim to Use: Activities and Events

Start Time: Currently Going
End Time: February 1st (Was extended by a month!)
Grace Period: 2 weeks, as long as you've started your entry.


Depict your Drakiri going through their everyday life. Where do they work? How do they make a living? What are their hobbies? What do they do to pass the time? Up to 3 Drakiri can be depicted together, and you get a reward for each Drakiri depicted in your piece.

Art: Flatcolored fullbody, simple background
Writing: 800 words, +200 words per Drakiri included in the story. A Drakiri must be mentioned fluidly throughout the writing for them to count


2500 Aurics per Drakiri depicted
A Universal Crossbreed token, a Q'lin breed changer, a Sprite breed changer, or a Primal breed changer per Drakiri depicted

List the prizes as the rewards (One per Drakiri, up to three applicable) in your prompt once submitted.


Draw the Squad/Meme Event

Claim to Use: Activities and Events

Start Time: Currently Going
End Time: February 1st
Grace Period: 

Have fun memeing! Draw your Drakiri enacting a popular meme, or engaging in a "Draw the Squad" activity! This means they can appear to mimic various screenshots or memes. This is meant just for fun.

Art: Halfbody, Flatcolored, Background Optiona; can be cartoony
Writing: 500 Words of your Drakiri goofing off and generally being memey

5000 Aurics
Crossbreed Token



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