Update - Major Changes to Bantams!

Posted 2 years ago :: Last edited 2 years ago by Artha-Demon

Bantam as a gene has been entirely discontinued, and it is no longer a genetic thing, and is now a completely free lore trait that can be added on to ANY Drakiri! The Bantam "trait" will not require the Bantam base to be used, and it can simply be used just to say your Drakiri is a bit small for their breed!

The Bantam bases are now an alternate base that is free to use on any Drakiri that has the Bantam variant base. Currently, just the purebreeds have the Bantam variant, but there will be alternate bases for some the Crossbreeds added over time, though none will be an official "Bantam" variant. The Bantam bases will NOT require Bantam in the traits, and Bantam as a "trait" will not require the use of the Bantam bases! It's now just a completely free lore trait you can add to any Drakiri (Or take off of any Drakiri) at will!

The "Trait" you can pick for a Bantam is now just a little something you can add if you want to. This will not have any Gameplay effect, and will simply just mean your Drakiri is smaller than usually expected for their breed. It is entirely a lore trait! The breeding roller, however, still has the "Is Bantam?" trait there! The Drakiri will be rolled as normal unless otherwise specified. If you want it bred as if they are Bantam, just specify this in "Breeding Specifications" in the breeding form.

If you have a Bantam mutagen, or paid to have Bantam added to your Drakiri in the past, you can request a Universal Crossbreed Token in its place! Use the "Other" claim for this with any information you have.

If you purchased a Shrinking Potion (Before it was discontinued) you can get your Aurics back for it! They were 1000 Aurics apiece, so for every one you bought, use the "Other" claim to get an Auric refund!

Have fun!!!



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