Silver (Common)

Category: Coat Modifiers
Species: Drakiri

Silver is a coat modifier that reduces the saturation of the Drakiri's coat. It doesn't lighten or darken the color, simply desaturates. Silver can be as subtle as a subtle lowering of saturation. If it's not obvious at a glance, mention that you did so in the comments when submitting your geno.  Silver can also completely desaturate the Drakiri's coat, or leave hints of color. 

Silver can use the palettes in the drive for the base, or you can design the Drakiri as normal and desaturate parts of them or all of them. Only the base coat must be desaturated, meaning all markings are allowed to still have their original saturation as long as it doesn't look too much like Glimmer. Glimmer can appear in full brighteness on Silver, though Silver can also negate the effects of Glimmer if you prefer this.

Note that the palettes in the drive are only a suggestion, and if you have another way you prefer to design your Drakiri, you may use your own method! If in doubt, just explain what you did in the comments, and if it's new and helpful, it will be added to the guides!

Optionally, Silver can give your Drakiri a Perlino effect. The Perlino effect allows the back, shoulders, and parts of the face of the Drakiri to be less saturated, leaving full saturation on the legs, belly, around the mouth, around the eyes, and on the underside of the tail. Of course this range is pretty loose, so have fun! Perlino effect should blend into the brush. Using a saturation layer mask and airbrushing the areas you want desaturated and playing with layer opacity is a very effective way to get this effect!

It is not required to effect the mane and the marking colors are also not required to be effected. 

When interacting with Darken or Dilute, there are two options

1- Choose which one you'd like to use. 
2 - Combine their effects in fun and creative ways.

Quicksilver (Magic)

Category: Mutations
Species: Drakiri

At minimum, turns a draks belly/neck scales into a single smooth sheet, with a metallic sheen. This can also allow you to create a liquid metal effect where scales would be for some very intersting effects.

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