Dilute (Uncommon)

Category: Coat Modifiers
Species: Drakiri

Dilute is a coat modifier that lightens the Drakiri's base coat. It does not significantly desaturate. This effect can be gotten from the Dilute color palettes, OR, designing your Drakiri as normal, and adding a layer mask to lighten it. It can be a very subtle lightening, all the way to almost white. Dilute can also hide lighter markings (Meaning that you will not have to add markings that are lighter than the base coat if you use a very light shade of it. 

Note that the palettes in the Drive are only a suggestion, and if you can find another effect to lighten the coat that looks better, by all means do it! If you aren't sure, just mention what you did in the design approval comments, and if it is effective and works well, we will add it to our guides!

Optionally, Dilute can give your Drakiri a Champagne effect. The Champagne effect allows the areas along the back of the Drakiri to be lightened, leaving the belly, legs, and parts of the face and tail normally colored and darker for some very nice effects. It can also create a "False Roan" effect with this champagne having a bit of a textured blend.

It is not required to effect the mane, and marking colors are also not required to be effected. 


When interacting with Silver, there are two options. 

1 - Choose which one you'd like to use. So either have it desaturated, OR lightened.
2 - Combine them. The coat can be lightened, and desaturated. So it can be a very light silvery grey, or a hint of color and light.  You can also combine Silver's "Perlino" effect with Dilute's "Champagne" effect. Be creative in how they interact! If in doubt, just explain what you did in the comments, and this method will be added to the guide.

When interacting with Darken, there are three options

1 - Choose which one you'd like to use. So either have it darkened, or lightened. 
2 - Combine them! This would be adding the Darkening "Grullo" effect to the belly, legs, face, and tail and the Lightening "Champagne" effect to the back, shoulders, and back of neck.
3 - They cancel eachother out, meaning they are there and pass genetically, but neither effects the Drakiri's base coat.

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