Chroma (Specialty)

Species: Drakiri

When all four color modifiers are present (Erythrism, Jade, Topaz and Sapphire), the basecoat can take on a brilliant rainbow gradients, much like Sunglow but with more colors. It can effect the hooves, horn/s and flesh. The markings appear in black, even Underbelly and Pangare don't need Reversal to be black, making these brilliant Drakiri very striking in appearance. This compound modifier will cause the entire Drakiri to glow brightly if Firefly is present. Alternatively, the base coat can be turned black, with the markings gaining a brilliant rainbow gradient.

Chroma has a lot of special rules!

1 - ANY rainbow palette is usable on a Chroma coat Drakiri. It doesn't have to be the one shown on the Drive. That is simply a suggestion
2 - Even markings that aren't normally effected by Reversal can be turned black by Chroma, but only when the fullbody rainbow gradient effect is used. (Dapples, Frosted, and markings like that)
3 - Chroma can make the coat appear in any color you want, or a gradient of any colors. It does not have to be strictly rainbow. 
4 - Chroma can effect each marking on the Drakiri! Making each one a different color, and the Drakiri an absolute colorvomit. Have fun!

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