Sprite (Drakiri subtype)

Sprites are small and agile little things. While they are tiny, they are often full of energy and always on the move. They can, however, be very skittish. They bring to mind tiny gazelles like Dikdiks or very dainty little deer. 

Sprites tend to live in smaller family groups than regular Kainu, and are most often found in arid landscapes. They can be found anywhere, however, because this build is very adaptable. They are very efficient with water and food.

Their diet most often consists of small desert animals, insects, snakes, and cactus fruit when they can get it. They have a natural resistance to venomous animals such as scorpions and even rattlesnakes as well as the toxin on the skin of toads. They are surprisingly tough for their size.

Kainu-Sprite (Drakiri subtype)

Sprite-Q'lin (Drakiri subtype)

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