Komakha (Drakiri Subtype)

-The "Scales" are only present on the head. Scale color effects the ears that appear as horns instead of normal ears, and effects the horns. Scale markings can effect the horns and horn-like "ears" that are effected. EXCEPTIONS include Baphomet and Ram, which follow the color of the main body and not the other horns.

-Ocelli either does not effect a Komi, or creates the effects on the head scale and horn. Ocelli's effect is optional.

-Traced will effect the Komakha's entire body, and traces their plating in markings similar to the traced marking found on a Dravhokonus.

-Bicolor/Tricolor/Spectrum will effect anywhere that is "scale"

-Extended Scales does not effect a Komakha

-Smooth makes the head scale, horn, and horn-like ears follow the body in color instead of a scale color

-Sphinx removes the mane. The Cobra mane for a Komakha is just the lack of a mane. They can not hood up like other Drakiri builds.

-Feathering is optionall

-Komakha eyes MAY glow without the burning eyes mutation!

-Flesh color of their joints should match the flesh color of their jaw membrane

Komakha Drakiri, called Komi for shirt, are not pure-blooded Drakiri. They resulted from interbreeding from a rare and ancient creature known as a Dravhokonus with local Drakiri to create the new build. They are covered in natural, thick chitinous armor, with the top plating having bone beneat, and have an endoskeleton as well to help support their weight. They growl and roar, but sound markedly different from normal Drakiri. Deep, almost 'chittery'.

They have heightened senses of smell, through their whiskers and antennae, which are surprisingly tough and hurt VERY badly if yanked on or damaged.

Komakha are about the size of a Primal, while the Bantam Komakha is slightly larger than the average Kainu.

While normal Drakiri are generally omnivorous, Komakha are obligate carnivores. They can eat small bits of fruit and ruffage, but generally only do so for fiber. Their powerful jaws are not armed with proper teeth, but hard, bony plating that can slice right through bone. They are deadly predators, and their claws are more dexterous than a normal Drakiri's hooves. They can climb up sheer surfaces and cling to them in ways other builds can not.

Komakha, unlike proper insects, are warm blooded like their Drakiri ancestors. They are highly adaptable, and can thrive just about anywhere, though they do avoid the far north as they have no fur to protect against extreme cold. They are generally found, though, in the territory of the Dravhokonus ancestor that created the build.

Komakha are far, far more territorial than normal Drakiri, and can often be found living solitary, or with their mate and offspring. Unlike normal Drakiri, Komakha have the ability to Imprint - or, have their soul and life force tie in with their mate. This is an ability that came from the Dravhokonus in their lineage. Komakha are the only build known to mark their territory. They are only territorial towards other Komakha, unless in season and ready to mate, and don't react negatively towards other Drakiri builds unless provoked. 

Dravhokonus - Creature References by Artha-Demon Example of a Dravhokonus human form Daemarus Reference by Artha-Demon

Komakha are an uncommon build, and can interbreed with any other build.

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