Kainu (Drakiri subtype)

The most common type of Drakiri, the Kainu are adaptable and numerous. They exist all around Galabastarin, found in every land biome. The Kainu is what you would call the default Drakiri, but they are actually relitavely new in the evolutionary sense. They are a jack of all trades sort of Drakiri, as compared to the other variants that are more specialized.

Kainu are omnivorous, able to thrive on plant matter and meat alike, though do need a little meat in their diet. They are industrious and very adaptable, able to think through any problems they come across, and known to be smart. Their mentality is closest to humans; not as physically strong, without as much in the way of natural weapons or raw magical power but they are able to find other ways around problems. As such, they are smaller than their ancestors. They are incredibly agile, able to climb like mountain goats and leap surprising distances. Semi flexible spines allows them to move much more fluidly than any actual horse.

Due to their clever and adaptable nature, Kainu are the most numerous of the Drakiri breeds.

Kainu-Sprite (Drakiri subtype)

Mystic-Kainu (Drakiri subtype)

Kainu-Q'lin (Drakiri subtype)

Kainu-Primal (Drakiri subtype)

Kainu-Dracus (Drakiri subtype)

Kainu-Kelpie (Drakiri subtype)

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