Dracus (Drakiri subtype)

The Dracus is often considered the most ancient build, as well as the origin of all Drakiri. Nobody knows if these rumors are true or not, but they do seem to have some unique traits other Drakiri do not. Most notably, the forelegs lacking hooves and having handlike paws instead, a feature shared only with the Q'lin. Their hands are dexterous, and can do things other Drakiri hooves can not. 

Dracus are the largest build, elegant and powerful, capable of levitation/flight without the need for Phoenix wings, or flight spells. They are omnivorous and highly adaptable and can be found anywhere.

Dracus are one of the only Drakiri build that live either alone, or in pairs with their offspring but have much larger interconnected social lives. They often share territories and interact with eachother quite often, though they are fairly spread out.

They have big appetites, and powerful magic. They welcome other builds in their territories, and often mingle with them. They become protective of smaller builds that live in their territory.

Dracus are fierce, strong, and very skilled with magic.

Q'lin-Dracus (Drakiri subtype)

Kainu-Dracus (Drakiri subtype)

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