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17 March 2021 (2 years ago)

i go by limes, loki, benrey, isaac, or ven ^^ i do use neopronouns but you can refer to me with they/them or ey/em
for more information you can see the list on pronouny, along with some examples of how to use them ^^

focus? who's she?

as a note - i dont consider any of my drakiri to be biologically related to each other unless otherwise stated. even if one of my draks is the child or sibling or such of another one of my draks according to lineage, unless it is explicitly stated in their lore or relationships, they do not have a biological connection in lore.


[ free pixel art requests here! ] || [ offering arcanium for art! ]

[ my draks group gift art rules can be found here! ]


jolthein, rhondyrtores, levi, and ivan are open for full slots to spread more legendaries! some have some stipulations on their profiles, but feel free to ask if interested ^^

all of my draks have their breeding availabilty in their profiles, so feel free to check them out
their profiles will detail what sort of slots they're open for, what level of inbreeding is allowed under what circumstances, and which draks they are and are not allowed to breed with

however, please note that unless otherwise stated, the offspring of breedings will have no lore connections with any of my draks
when it comes to split slots: please don't nag me ^^;; it can make my anxiety act up severely, and i already have difficulty dm'ing people. however, if you think i've forgotten about one (i.e. it's been a week or longer) feel free to remind me! i can get distracted extremely easily and may have forgotten to message you

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