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10/21/2021 Edited 10/21/2021

Details for this giveaway can be found in the Announcements channel on the official Discord.

You can see the Drakiri being given away here! Copy Paste the URL to see the Drakiri, as URL's in the forums don't seem to work yet.

Requirements to get the Drakiri
First, come up with a name!
Second, write at least a paragraph of storyline and lore for them!

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This giveaway is over! Lady Tsukasa won due to a very nice and detailed lore story!

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11/09/2021 Edited 11/09/2021

Name: Pearl the Shimmering

Lore: Pearl used to be a normal drakiri until she was set upon a path of greed and want. She had to complete a series of tests to earn her right as one of the top dogs. She got maybe half way through these tests before taking a long hard look at herself and realizing "what am I doing? I was beautiful but now... Look at my eyes" she would sigh after that and decide this wasn't the way she wanted to become a top dog, she would find a different way for herself and others to become top dogs without having to change themselves just to please others. Angrily she ran away from all these "top dog" drakiri to make her own destiny, her own top dogs. How would she do that you may ask? I'm not sure, why dont you come along for the ride and find out.

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10/27/2021 Edited 10/27/2021

Name; Charon

Lore Story; Charon's body had been lost to the Swamps, dragged and held under by the twisting, gnarly branches and water plant roots. He laid there for many years, until his body no longer remained and only his soul swam through the bayou waters. He wandered lost, unable to pass on... Until one day he felt a pull on his etheric being. With a sudden flash of pain, a sensation he hadn't felt since his death, and a loud gurgling sound, he was suddenly face to face with a young Mutt Drakiri, floating in the air in front of him. She wore layers of ruffles and frills under her bright looking dress, and she gave off a slight giggle, but it didn't quite sound right; He felt like he was hearing the sound more in his mind than he was physically. Her eyes held star shaped pupils, and they glowed brightly in the dim swamp lighting.
Charon was suddenly aware that he once again had a physical form; but oddly enough it did not look like his old body had. He could see, but his eye sockets felt empty, so he looked down at himself, giving himself an inspection. He had a pastel looking blue and white body, with purple mane fur. His tail was long and snake like, and he could feel his mouth uncomfortably choked by thick purple looking goop. He tried to cough it up, but the more he tried, the more stuck in his mouth and throat it felt. He saw the little dark colored girl move out of the corner of his vision, and he looked up to meet her gaze face to face. She reached out with tiny hands, and gently stroked either side of his large head, and she leaned down and placed a loving kiss on his forehead, and he heard her voice fully in his mind, "Welcome to the family, my beautiful soul. What is your name?"
What was his name? He couldn't remember who he had been all those years ago, before his body slowly eroded away into the swamp waters he had died in. He couldn't remember what sort of life he had lived, or the friends he had known... Who was he? His face must have seemed troubled, because the small girl continued to gently stroke his temples as his brows furrowed. He supposed, that since he couldn't remember any of who he had been, that it was time for his own identity; and identity of his choosing. His eyeless gaze looked up at her, and he gurgled out slowly from the thick, viscous liquid that choked his throat, "Cha...ron..." The girl smiled warmly, and clapped her hands enthusiastically, letting out a loud noise that Charon could only assume was pleasure. Her voice echoed in his head again, but he never once saw her lips move as she spoke, "That's a wonderful name! It's quite a beautiful one, my child. Come now, we should introduce you to the rest of the family. Though I suppose I've been rude, and neglected my own introduction; My name is Fae, and I revived you from your soul's limbo. Welcome to the swamp my family calls home," Charon gave Fae a small nod, and he slowly moved one paw in front of the other as she started to float away from him, leading him, and he felt like the sensation of walking was unfamiliar. It seemed there was a lot he'd have to adapt and get accustomed to, but at least it seemed like Fae was kind hearted and was glad to have him around.

Explanation; Charon's soul had been trapped in limbo, unable to pass on, after his body had decayed in the swamp. Fae's odd Magic pulled his soul out of Limbo and into a new body, one that he's not sure how she acquired or made. Now, he'll live with Fae and her family at the casino, and he will work as a guide to ferry guests to and from the Casino, and to help make sure they make it through the swamp safe. He employs some of Fae's Magics to trick the eyes of guests so they'll never be able to find the Casino without his guidance.

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oohohoh i havent participated in an adoption contest like this in a long time. thisll be fun >:3c

Belram, the Rebirthed

coming soon~

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Identification: Zagura
Status: MIA

The soulsphere was fractured. Right down to the very core. The irregularity that scored through that glittering magical marble had only needed a strike in just the right area to shear that irregularity apart, like tectonic plates grinding against each other. It was hardly any shift at all, just a few tiny iotas of solid mineral cracking away from itself, but it was enough. It was like the Q'lin spiritually attached to it was suddenly corrupted from the inside out. Fractured panes of gem and crystal reflected in the creature that owned it, and they occasionally flickered and flashed out of view... as though their connection to the world was tenuous at best. The mind was as fractured as body and gem; flying thoughts, fleeting expressions, a constant anxiety that quickened an erratic heartbeat. Flickering, arcanic magic flowed from their jaws and eyes like blood, paws never seemed able to touch the ground and achieve any sort of traction, causing them to move as though sliding and floating across the ground.

The world was a confusing array of lines, static, crackled glitches and inconsistent sound, smells, and input. They strode as though in a dream, or perchance a nightmare, their lavender form a beautiful, flickering mark against the backdrop of the world. An erratic, shattered beast; unpredictable, inconsistent, a broken warrior wandering the mists of their own mind.