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01/27/2023 Edited 01/27/2023

Hello there stranger!

Do you have a Drakiri import that you can no longer connect to and would trade it for an exchange of some art? Activity rolls, trials, prompts, animations or otherwise? We at Shadow Realms are looking for lost Drakiri. It does not matter what appearance, markings, mutations, whether or not they can breed. All are warmly welcomed to the realm.

The price of a Drakiri is decided by you. Understandably rarity of a Drakiri has weight on how many art pieces you will receive in exchange. A static art piece has value of £10 for reference. Animations are valued higher depending on size and range of an animation.

- Any uploaded and approved imports!
- No genos!

- ARPG activity rolls, trials, prompts, etc. -- can be for Drakiri or other ARPG of your choice!
- General art; do you want a nice art piece for your OC's? Sure can do!

If you are interested respond to this thread with the Drakiri, or alternatively DM me on Discord: Shadzerios#4381