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type - full
items used - advanced rainbow potion
breeding claim -
rolled by - corrosive_limes

Error-404: Drakiri not Found x I-731: Alexis

Base Litter:
1) Sprite-Mystic Male, Healthy (2KR/6Db/0ju/4QA/7qr/4ZF)
Phenotype: Lilac Fawn with Crescents, Frosted, Mottled, Saddle, Striped, Zag, Patches and Quilted
Genotype: cC/GG/Bb/nCre/nFr/cSbl/nSdl/nStr/nZag/nPch/nQui/nEry/cJde/nSph/cTop/cBlc/nMot/cTns/mFtr/mFin/mcNrs/mLpt/LGlc/acAdv/aUdy/acRnd1/aUsnl/acFrn/acDks/aSwf/aDaz
Carries: Sable, Jade, Topaz, Bleached, Tinsel, North Star, Adventurer, Randomizer 1, Friendly, Darksight
Mane Type: Common
Ears Type: Common
Tail Type: Common
Horns Type: Common
[Mutations] Feathermane, Fins, Leprechaun's Treasure, Glitch
[Abilities] Undying, Unseasonal, Swift, Dazzle

2) Sprite Male, Healthy (1Nj/2KR/6Db/4QA/3TH/4ZF)
Phenotype: Topaz Cream with Bleached, Dorsal, Hood, Sable, Saddle, Stone, Striped, Zag, Flow, Glimmer and King Cheetah
Genotype: CC/Gg/Bb/nDor/nHd/nSbl/nSdl/nStn/nStr/nZag/nFlo/nGlim/cSwr/nTop/nBlc/nKc/mLon/mcCrm/mInt/LGlc/aDks/aGam/aSwf/aLuk/acTnt/acAdv/acFrn/aHyf/aMag/aHsn/aUsnl
Carries: Swirl, Crumbling, Tainted, Adventurer, Friendly
Mane Type: Common
Ears Type: Folded
Tail Type: Common
Horns Type: Ram
[Mutations] Longhair, Intersex, Glitch
[Abilities] Darksight, Gambler, Swift, Lucky, Hyper Fertile, Magically Inclined, Heightened Senses, Unseasonal

Double Uterus:
3) Mystic-Kainu Female, Healthy (0ju/2KR/6Db/1sl/3TH/4ZF)
Phenotype: Jade Fawn with Crescents, Frosted, Sable, Spots, Stone, Stroke, Quilted and Skyline
Genotype: cC/GG/Bb/nCre/nFr/cHd/SblSbl/cSdl/nSpt/nStn/cStt/cTrc/cPge/nQui/nSky/nJde/cTop/cMot/nSrk/mSpk/mcDew/mInt/mFtr/LGlc/acSwf/acBnt/acPrm/aRnd1/acUdy/aFrn/aDaz/aDpb/aGho
Carries: Hood, Saddle, Strata, Traced, Pigeon, Topaz, Mottled, Dew, Swift, Bantam, Promiscuous, Undying
Mane Type: Punk
Ears Type: Long Tufted
Tail Type: Common
Horns Type: Ibex
[Mutations] Spikes, Intersex, Feathermane, Glitch
[Abilities] Randomizer 1, Friendly, Dazzle, Deep Bond, Ghostly

4) Sprite Female, Healthy (4Ry/2KR/6Db/4QA/1sl/3TH)
Phenotype: Sapphire Fawn with Crescents, Dorsal, Hood, Sable, Dun, Siamese, Strata, Quilted and Swirl
Genotype: Cc/GG/Bb/nCre/nDor/cFr/nHd/nSbl/cStn/cStr/nStt/nQui/cSky/nSwr/cEry/nSph/cTby/cBlc/cGhl/nDun/nSia/mSpk/mInt/mNrs/mLpt/LGlc/aFrn/aSwf/aTnt/aBnt/aBard/aPrm/acDks/acDaz/aFrb
Carries: Frosted, Stone, Striped, Skyline, Erythrism, Tabby, Bleached, Ghoulish, Darksight, Dazzle
Mane Type: Punk
Ears Type: Deer
Tail Type: Common
Horns Type: Common
[Mutations] Spikes, Intersex, North Star, Leprechaun's Treasure, Glitch
[Abilities] Friendly, Swift, Tainted, Bantam, Bard, Promiscuous, Fireborn

5) Sprite Female, Healthy (1Nj/2KR/6Db/1sl/4ZF/3TH)
Phenotype: Fawn with Crescents, Dorsal, Hood, Sable, Saddle, Spots, Patches, Strata and Traced
Genotype: cC/gG/bb/nCre/nDor/cFr/nHd/SblSbl/nSdl/nSpt/cZag/nPch/nStt/nTrc/cOce/cPge/cQui/cSky/cSnf/mcLon/mcFin/mInt/mWtr/mNrs/mSm/LGlc/acBnt/acGam/aFrn/acDks/aUdy/acLuk/acDaz/aSwf/aChr
Carries: Frosted, Zag, Ocelli, Pigeon, Quilted, Skyline, Snowflake, Longhair, Fins, Bantam, Gambler, Darksight, Lucky, Dazzle
Mane Type: Punk
Ears Type: Folded
Tail Type: Fluffed
Horns Type: Ibex
[Mutations] Intersex, Waterfalls, North Star, Smooth, Glitch
[Abilities] Friendly, Undying, Swift, Charismatic

The following abilities from Error-404: Drakiri not Found were applied: Unseasonal
The following abilities from I-731: Alexis were applied: Randomizer 1

The following items were used: Advanced Rainbow Potion
The following items were selected but not used:

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