Petrification Petrification Lvl: 1

19 June 2021 (2 years ago)
Currently taking offers on all of my genos, items, and a select few of my imports, message me on discord with offers please. I am no longer publicly breeding or giving out slots however i am not quitting, if you have a slot to one of my drakiri and do not want to use it, or if it is a split that you would rather be a full, send me a friend request on Discord at Petrification and I'll sort it out. All i ask is slots not be inbred, i don't care about my lore anymore.


List of Drakiri with their rites:



Azazel, The Tar Stained




Lucifer, The Fallen

 Michael, The Risen

Decaying Memory


Duality, the Vibrant



1098 Aurics
5 Arcanium
23 Shinies
37 Background Tokens
14 Easter Egg
0 Pride Points
0 Halloween Candy
Reroll Geno
Marking Applicator: Pinata

Mutagen: Confetti

Marking Applicator: Uncommon
No awards earned.

Characters / Companions / Drakiri


kyrraven Avatar
kyrraven Staff Member

Hey, Petri!
Discord won't let me message you or add you as a friend... I've got a split from you for Mephistopheles, and was thinking my Loki might make a good pairing with him. Feel free to send me a friend request... I'm kyrraven on Discord as well.

2023-07-29 23:01:36

Petrification Avatar

I'll make that a full for you Kyr!

2023-08-05 04:26:25

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