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19 May 2023, 23:53:19 UTC (6 months ago)
23 May 2023, 08:07:32 UTC (6 months ago) by corrosive_limes

note - the writing and art are both together under one link in the gallery!

Drakiri: Skye I-898 -

Mana Points Earned: 22
Mana Points Breakdown: This was an artwork for an activity.
Sketch: 1
Lineart: +2
Flatcolor: +3
Shaded: +3
Complex Background Flat/Shaded: +6
Personal Art Bonus: +1
Activities/Prompts: +2
Leadership (from T’lee-nava I-2936) +3
Other Species +1

Mana Points Earned: 12
Mana Points Breakdown: This was a literature for an activity.
Word count: 748 (500=6mp, 200=2mp) +8
Personal Art Bonus: +1
Activities/Prompts: +2
Other species: +1

Total MP: 34


Reward Amount


Thumbnail for I-898: Skye

I-898: Skye

Reward Amount
Mana Points (Currencies) 34


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