Adoption Center Donation Form

Created: 17 October 2021, 21:42:53 UTC
Last updated: 17 October 2021, 21:42:53 UTC

Fill out this form when donating a geno or import to the Adoption Center. Use the "Donate an Import or Geno" prompt.

You can find the donation guides here! Donation Reward Guide

You may donate up to five genos or imports per Prompt submission! Repeat the form for each donation. For the Reward Total, only have the reward for that donation. 

Geno or Import: (Specify if you are donating a geno or an import here)
URL: (The name and URL of the Drakiri being donated
Reward Total: (Please specify if you are receiving Gratitude Tokens or Aurics for your reward)
Reward Breakdown: (Break down the traits so the staff can easily check the amount to see if it is right)

Total Reward: (Leave this out if you are only donating one Geno or Import, otherwise, add the donations together)