First Things First

Created: 11 April 2022, 01:46:05 UTC
Last updated: 12 April 2022, 01:04:00 UTC
Welcome to the official Drakiri design guide!


Within the templates folder are guides for satin and scale shine/shade, as well as coat colours for references and legacy versions of bases that may be used with the use of a Legacy Potion.

Import Extras
  • You may move your Drakiri around on the canvas to make them more centered depending on their traits. You do this by selecting the entire Drakiri folder and moving the entire Drakiri to better fit.

  • Do not resize or crop the canvas.

  • There are several free markings that can be added to your import! Find them here.

  • Drakiri has a lot of variety, with numerous different physical trait types! There are a fair amount of traits that do clip a bit when combined. This is something that can not be avoided! When this clipping occurs, you are absolutely permitted and encouraged to modify the line art to make them work together. Horns and ears, specifically, are the most likely to need edits in the lineart. Ears can be subtly resized, re-positioned, parts of them erased where the ears would lay beneath them. These are ALL free edits! The little clipping issues with traits are a side effect of so much variety! You may make minor line art edits and/or move traits around to make them fit better with other traits on your Drakiri, or to show personality. They can not be moved too much and line edits should be minor. This must be subtle and it must not be staggering enough to make the Drakiri look odd or the fur to flow in the wrong direction. Ears can be rotated back a bit, or forward. Horns can be shifted for better placement with the ears, and tails can be lifted and lowered slightly.

  • Hanuman, Fluffed, Vulpine and Feline tails can either follow the coloration and markings of the base coat or the mane. The Curled tail on a Nightmare can follow the scales in colors, the base coat, the mane or the color of a real life scorpion.

  • You may make small line art edits to make the Drakiri yours, such as adding a bit of fuzz to the cheeks, muzzle, or chin, or light feathering but it must not significantly change anything, or resemble another trait/mutation. Take a look at the Extras folders on the Kainu template for examples of what you can do. Adding bangs to your Drakiri's mane is free and does not require an item, but the lineart edit must flow with the lineart of the Drakiri itself.

  • Subtle outlines are allowed around the Drakiri's body, and lines may be colored. They can either be lighter or darker than the base coat color. The line color must flow smoothly with the Drakiri's colors. They shouldn't be so light or so saturated compared to the rest that they blend into the Drakiri itself. The outline can either be a hard outline around the Drakiri, or softened. It must not stick out too much and should be subtle, simply meant to bring your Drakiri out of the background a bit.

What do I do if the Templates are too big for my art program?
  • Because of the sheer size of the Drakiri templates, some art programs, such as Sai (the first version), may not be able to open them as-is. You may ask another player to trim the file down for you, or you may use Photopea to trim the file, save as PSD, and then open the trimmed file in your art program.

  • PHOTOPEA: Photopea is a free in-browser photo editing app. You can open the file using that, delete the folders you won't be using, save, and open with Sai or other programs that have trouble with bigger files.

  • Additionally, you can try Medibang Paint or FileApaca. Some mobile users have been able to use IbisPaint after the layer amount was trimmed down.

  • Regarding Paint Tool Sai, if you bought the first version and are still using it, you can upgrade for completely free to Version 2 here. Sai 2 is more than capable of handling big files.