Free Marks

Created: 24 June 2021, 10:01:42 UTC
Last updated: 12 April 2022, 01:00:14 UTC

Free marks are markings that can be added to an import no matter the genetic mix of the import. Meaning if you wanted you can use ALL the free marks seen here! Subtle Stripes, Subtle Spots, Leg Stripes, Nuance, Mane Gradient, and Scale Shade must all sit on the base coat. Minimal White and Black, Whisker Gradient, Ear Marks and Speckle can show on top of other markings.

  • Minimal Light (Link) - Shows on the muzzle and face, and under the eyes. This mark can be white or off white. It shows above the hooves and on the face as well as under the eyes. It can show on the ears. It can also appear up to 5 small patches of white anywhere on the Drakiri's body. It can be broken up or have holes where it appears on the face and limbs. It can also show a patch on the chest on Drakiri without scales there, or some whitening around the belly area.

  • Minimal Dark(Link) - Shows as a tiny bit of black right over the hooves, in an eyeliner effect, on the ears, and in Deer marks on the side of the muzzle. Note that Minimal White is shown in the blue range and minimal Black is shown in the red. Minimal Black can create beauty marks on the Drakiri that follow the same rules as Minimal Light. 

  • Ear Marks - Darker patch on the ear, with a lighter outline on the bottom and a darker outline on the top

  • Freckles - Allows a few tiny white or black speckles to appear on the cheeks of the Drakiri. Only a few of these may show, and resemble freckled cheeks. They must be very small dots.

  • Subtle Stripes (Link) - Subtly lighter or darker small stripes than the chosen base color is allowed on the neck and shoulders. The stripes must be subtle enough not to be confused with dun or reversed dun. This allows a small subtle stripe on the forehead. This stripe can not extend onto the neck, or it could be mistaken for Dorsal.  When used with Nuance, these stripes must be slightly lighter or darker than the color beneath.

  • Leg Stripes (Link)- Must be subtly lighter or darker than the base coat. No more than ten stripes in total per limb. When used with Nuance, it must be slightly lighter or darker than the color it appears on.

  • Subtle Spots (Link) - Very subtle mottling/color variance that shows on the shoulder, hindquarters, neck, cheeks, and lower portion of the limbs. It must appear beneath Minimal White, and it must be subtle and can not cover the entire coat. Must show only in a few small patches, and can be slightly blended. Mottling can only appear in one shade, and can't use more than one.

  • Nuance - Allows the back to be slightly darker, and the limbs to be slightly darker or lighter than the main base coat. The tail may gradient from the slightly darker range to the base coat color. Allows darker areas around the muzzle and eyes. This must be subtle and must not resemble any of the gradient markings such as Sable, Pangare, Dipped's gradient form or Siamese.

  • Scale Shade - Allows each scale to blend between two shades of the same color. This variance must be subtle. (This can be affected by scale color genes, allowing two colors, three colors, or a full rainbow on each one.)

  • Mane Gradient - Mane can have a subtle grdient. The mane can be any natural color that does not clash with the base coat. This must be subtle, and can not mimic Mane Tips.

  • Whisker Gradient - Allows the whiskers to gradient from the color of the muzzle to a darker or lighter, tone.

  • Colored Pupil - Pupil can be a darker shade of the eye color.

  • Heterochromia - Allowed on any import where the eyes both show! Can be full heterochromia, or sectoral.

  • Blush - A soft or solid edged spot on the cheeks, resembling either a soft blended blush, or cheek spots like a cockatiel. This can either be a natural color, a color relative to the base coat,  or reddish.

  • Greying - Allows a bit of greying around the muzzle, hooves and eyes, found in aging creatures.

  • Whiskermarks - Allows spots on the muzzle where whiskers would be on a cat.

  • Hoof Streaks - Streaks of color on the hooves, much like the streaks found on a horse hoof. Must be a natural color unless the hoof is affected by Glimmer or Firefly