Submission (#6316) Approved

17 May 2023, 03:35:45 UTC (1 year ago)
18 May 2023, 14:27:11 UTC (1 year ago) by Moonwolf


Activity Being done: Diving
Drakiri Involved: Chirida
Drakiri URL:
Art or Writing URL: Artless Activity 3


Reward Amount
Aspect Points: Order 1
Aspect Points: Earth 3
Aspect Points: Water 2
Aspect Points: Entropy 1
Common Crystal 2
Serpent 2
Small Fish 1
Weak Healing Potion 1
Medium Fish 1
Rusty Can 1
Yarrow Root 1
Beautify Potion 1
Aurics 1555

Stat & Level Rewards

User Rewards
No user rewards.
Character Rewards
No character rewards.

Bonus Rewards

User Rewards
No bonus user EXP
No bonus user points
Character Rewards
No bonus character EXP
No bonus character points


Thumbnail for I-2494: Chirida

I-2494: Chirida

Reward Amount
Mana Points (Currencies) 11


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Keartricity's Bank

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