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15 April 2023, 03:18:42 UTC (1 year ago)
30 April 2023, 09:24:41 UTC (1 year ago) by Rockium


Drakiri Name: Lanata
Drakiri URL:
URL to the art or writing:
Other Information: Lanata were there for the first part of the story.
Mana Count:
299 words = 3MP
Unowned Drak (Error) = 1MP
Wrote it = 1MP
Activity Event (Error Event) = 2MP
Descriptive Environment = 2MP
Total = 9MP


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Stat & Level Rewards

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No user rewards.
Character Rewards
No character rewards.

Bonus Rewards

User Rewards
No bonus user EXP
No bonus user points
Character Rewards
No bonus character EXP
No bonus character points


Thumbnail for I-2809: Lanata

I-2809: Lanata

Reward Amount
Mana Points (Currencies) 9


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