Mana Point Redemption Guide and Form

Created: 17 October 2021, 15:43:46 UTC
Last updated: 17 October 2021, 15:43:46 UTC

Mana Points is a character bound "currency" your Drakiri builds up as they are drawn and written about. This must be redeemed to be able to level your Drakiri up!

First, go to the Redeem Mana Points prompt. Its Prompt category is Other. You can search it by name.

Fill out the following form to have your Mana Points added to your Drakiri. Only one Drakiri per redemption please! Up to 5 written pieces/images may be redeemed at once. 

Drakiri: (URL and the Drakiri's name)

Art or Writing URL: (The URL to your art or story. This does not have to be here on the site. If the art or writing is NSFW, please notate this here, and a staff member who doesn't mind looking over NSFW stuff will look at it! Please provide any relevant content warning.)
Mana Points Earned: (This is per image or written work)
Mana Points Breakdown: (List what the artwork was, what bonuses you used to make it easy for the staff to check and make sure you counted right)

Repeat the three fields above for each of the pieces being redeemed.

Total Mana Points: (If you are submitting more than one piece for Mana, put the total here